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  1. Shouldn't be a problem to go back, just do it. Now, when you change to synthetic, you have to be carefull as the extra cleaners and stuff can actually create oil leaks among other bad things. Changing to synthetic should be done after breakin, but before it's worn out. Jason
  2. It's called the Badlands. Haven't been yet. http://www.badlandsoffroad.com/index.asp
  3. Nice vid, keep it up.
  4. I went to check out the cost and rules this afternoon and it was pretty busy. The gentleman I talked with said they have 15 miles of trails on 120 acres and also a motocross track. Stock exhaust is required and atv's must have a flag. Cost will be $11 per year IL sticker (they don't have them right now so you can ride without it, required since a state grant helped the park open), and $25 a day discounted this fall to $20 a day. They are only open on the weekend right now but are considering 7 days a week next year if the demand is there. Hope this helps, it definetly looks like a cool place to ride. Jason