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    FT 500 Starter Problem

    For my sins I have an FT500 Ascot, circa 1982. As was always a problem with these big singles, the starter is dodgy. I have removed and stripped it, everything looks good and checks out OK. All of the brushes are well within serviceable limit, the commutator and armature check out OK and all gears etc are not worn. The problem is that it turns over very slowly under load. Off the bike it spins round effortlessly. I have checked the earth and connections but even with a booster starter at 80amps, it still turns slowly. Any ideas. Cheers
  2. Bonaire Bondy

    Ft500 No Spark Problem

    Hi. Hope this is posted in the right place as this is my first time on Thumpers. Help please, I have recently bought a 1982 FT500 that has no spark. As I live on a Caribbean island, parts and info are non existant. I was convinced that the problem was the CDI unit. I put a live feed to the coil and got a spark to the plug, it even ran for a second. I checked that there was an output from the generator which there was (although I do not have the correct figures available) everything was pointing to the CDI as very little power was coming from it. I ordered a new one from the UK, 4 weeks later, the part arrives but still no spark. Has anybody else had this, I would appreciate any advice or testing figures. Thanks