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  1. I have an 05 450 that has been sitting a year. It worked just fine before the sit. Now when I put it in gear, it starts to pull and hard to shift. Already changed the oil. Any ideas? Thanks,
  2. I used a small screw driver and hammer and tapped on it till it fell out. You cannot re-use it anyway.
  3. About the popping on deceleration. Mine does it more when it is colder. I turn the fuel mixture screw out about half a turn to help this. I do have stock jetting though.
  4. Engine Ice for coolant will also help your bike run cooler.
  5. It does work. Engine Ice works great here in 110 degree Texas summer when moving slow through the woods. I also went up to 52 teeth on the rear sprocket.This really helped when stalling in second gear. Also, you may want to do the impelller mod for the 05 where you drill a hole in the impeller to prevent the short life of the waterpump seal. Easy and quick.
  6. I would try adjusting the fuel screw in or out. After putting on my aftermarket pipe, I had to turn fuel mixture screw out about 3/4 turn. My bike does not start as easy in the cold. But this works best. Turn fuel on, choke on, twist throttle 5 times and kick it. Twist throttle 3 more times and kick and repeat if needed. I have heard some pipes need new jetting. Good luck.
  7. I broke my femur as well. The pain was on the facing outside of my knee. The two screws that held the bar in at the knee were backing out. It was not until they removed those screws(but left the bar in) that the pain went away. Good luck
  8. This is what I use.
  9. Flatland:thumbsup: . They are indestructable and I once lost the mounting hardware and since I bought directly from them, they shipped it to me at no charge!
  10. If you put on on there, you will realize how many rocks get thrown into it. Nothing like rididng and hearing that big CLANK and knowing that you are protected! Same goes for my radiator guards. I have read many a threads where people got a hole and all the oil darined out without them realizing there was a problem before it was too late.
  11. I bought directly from Flatland. It did cost me 5 bucks more, but when I had a radiator leak and test road it, I lost all mounting hardware. I called em up and they sent me all the hardware for free!.
  12. Flatland engine guard/skid plate and radiator guards. I went up 2 teeth on the rear and seems to not stall as much in really tight stuff and can stay in second more.
  13. My spring is black and I purchased it from Race Tech Suspension. You might call and ask them if there is a way to identify the size of the spring. 951.279.6655.
  14. 13/51..You can stay in second for most tight stuff. All I ride is woods.
  15. Different part number. I went with the 450X seals since I ride alot of woods.