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    SERA HS, Michigan City, MS

    Had to set up a moon bounce for my kid's birthday party Sat and almost heat stroked, decided it was WAY too hot. Congrats on the win and the chigger bites.

    SERA HS, Michigan City, MS

    I'll be there looking to hook bars with you on that old 2 honey you've been ridin. Bring plenty of bug spray cause the chiggers are bad!

    Trails to ride near Mountain Home, AR ?

    I'll be down there next week also, staying in a cabin off of Hwy 341. Great dual sport stuff with some decent two track trails, excellent scenery and difinately should bring the bikes. Use the map posted above and find anything off of 341 with one of them markers that has an atv on it. PM me if you wanna meet out on the trail sometime midweek.

    Grenada lake, MS

    Look at memphismotorcycleclub.com on their new bulletin board, there is a Blue Ribbon Coalition/Enid lake clean up and sign up for the BRC ride on Sat the 1st.

    Grenada lake, MS

    Any good riding down ther, I'm in Olive Branch and have ridden alot of atv trails at Enid Lake but did not know there was anything to ride down there.

    Control your breathing/excitement?

    In thru your nose, out thru your mouth, helps keeps snot from gagging you and like a runner, it gets your rythm going.

    does any one ride near Memphis?

    PM me and I'll give you my # and show you some of the best riding. Don't be giving away all out secret spots now.

    Lorretta lynns

    I'm not driving 4 hours one way to have somebody screw me on a sound check. If you know they are checking and you know you are too loud, then who is screwing who???

    Zip ties and flats

    The only thing it will do is keep the tire from spinning on the rim if the rim lock fails.
  10. Yes, ride with plenty of guys, sounds alot worse than it really is, all this is spread out of 25 years and many thousands of miles. I've been really lucky to not have broken anything major(knock on wood) other than fingers and toes.
  11. Man, this really got me thinkin about all the head on's I've had, been riding and racing for close to 30 years and it seems every 3-5 years, it's my turn again. Started off at about 13 years old, me and my buddy doin laps around the oval in his backyard, I was riding and he didn't notice which way I was going and we smacked, no major damage. Ran head-on into a dune buggy at Pickwick, TN back in the day, taco'ed a front wheel and thought I broke my back when I flopped across the steering shaft. Next had a double back to back head on at the old MX track in Millington, TN, everyone there was riding the track backwards because the jumps were steeper that way, two guys showed up, didn't look which way every one was going and we met with a SMACK SMACK at the only blind hill on the track, no injuries for me but 1 broke wrist and 1 broke ankle for them. Turkey Bay orv are in KY, went blastin around a turn on a single track woods trail and found a jacked up Toyota 4wd sitting there, locked up the brakes and went over the bars from panic front braking, landed ass first on hood and feet went thru windshield, bike was stuck on front bumper and dud threw it in reverse, dumped clutch and threw me off the front and went backing down trail draggin my bike. He didn't go far, couldn't get turned around fast enough in the woods, I jumped in drivers window, took key out of ignition and chunked 'em into the woods, drug him out thru the window and had my way with him. Wolf River bottom in Memphis, was wheelying thru a large mudhole and joker on 3 wheeler driver straight out of the woods-not on a trail and I pulverized him, front wheel hit him in the shoulder and bottom of engine cases across his handlebars. Wadded my bike up pretty good on that one, dud wanted to fight because I knocked cooler off of his handlebar rack and spilled his beer, he got his way but wished he didn't. Holly Springs, MS a buddy of mine got there late and was trying to find us and was lost and panic riding over his head when we number plate to numberplated, we clipped shoulders and luckily not helments as we flew past each other.Though I killed a guy at National hare scrambles at Lynville , IN, he was trying to find his way back to the truck after getting stuck for over an hour on his first lap, I was zoned out and hauling a$$ while leading the 4 STROKE A class when dude drove right out in front of me at a road crossing, happened so fast I did not have time to stop, hit him broadside at about 35-40, folks told me after the race, EMT's checked him out but he wasn't hurt. Had many, many more close calls, some my fault, some theirs, its all dangerous to some extent, everyone should always go right when encountering someone else coming at them. Look as far ahead as you can and remember, at the end of every long straight-a-way, there's a sharp turn and around every turn is something that can hurt you.

    Brocks Creek trails, Arkansas

    -Campground is primitive, meaning no water, power only one of those dump into a hole in the ground crapper. Plenty of other open areas that are not designated "campgrounds" in the immediate vicinity and camping is legal anywhere in the Nat'l forest. -not much in Jerusalem, Russellville or Morrilton are both on I-40 and about a 45 minute drive approximately. Better have what you need or be ready to drive back to civilization. -Plenty of larger, easier trails but also some you definitely would not want to take a rookie on.


    Moose Makes Some Under Gloove Liners Made Out Of Kevlar That All But Eliminate Blisters, My Hands Will Blister I A 2 Hr Hare Scramble If I Dont Use Them But Have Ridden Many Gncc's And Enduro's Using Them With No Blisters. Traied Tape Before But It Always Balls Up And Is Worse Than Nothing.

    450 exc 05, valve help

    Most all valve/cylinder/top end problems with any ktm four stroke always seem to happen on bikes that get poor air filter service and/or have the filter installed incorrectly and suck air/dirt around filter.
  15. How Much Does It Weigh???