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  1. Sorry to hear about your crash buddy. Road riding and dirt bike riding are way different, I’m more comfortable with the dirt as that’s all I’ve done. Take it easy when you get back on the bike for a bit, hopefully you recover ASAP
  2. JGlaze

    Anyone else run a Gnarly pipe on an RM250?

    That sounds like my kind of riding. Lots of single track in very rocky/rooty/hilly terrain. I have a 300 kit in mine so short shifting is already something I’m used to
  3. Agree with what everyone has said about covering the bike with a tarp, and locking it in. On top of that, how about putting padlocks in both the front and rear brake rotors? Maybe somehow turn the bars all the way to one side, and attach a lockable cable so the thief cannot straighten the bars. Pull the spark plug cap up just enough so that it's not attached to the plug, but looks like it is attached. If your bike is FI, unhook the coupler for the Fuel Pump under the tank which should be out of sight behind a frame rail or shroud. Take the air filter out, and put something like a Twin Air filter cover on that you would use for washing the bike. Since thief's are typically !*^%ing morons, they would likely give up on the bike even if they get it out of the truck. If they can't start it, push it, they will hopefully just give up and abandon the bike so it is easier to retrieve. It's pretty hard to drag 240 lbs that won't roll, and someone who is too lazy to work and make an honest living would hopefully just give up on your machine. I would not be comfortable leaving a bike out, but you never know. I got sick after a GNCC and had to stay overnight in Tennessee on my way back from a race a while back. I intended on staying at a friends in NC, but just couldn't drive anymore. So with just the bike in the back of my pickup I backed my truck up as close to my room as I could on the first floor. Couldn't put the bike in the room because the race was a complete mudder. Was a bit nervous, but luckily it was still there in the morning.
  4. JGlaze

    Anyone else run a Gnarly pipe on an RM250?

    I'm thinking of trying a Gnarly on my 05. It's a dedicated woods/offroad bike with a Pro Circuit system on it which works well. but my pipe has been bent back towards the front of the frame, and dented and fixed so many times that it's getting harder and harder to bend back. Anyway, from what you are all describing the Gnarly sounds like I would really enjoy it
  5. JGlaze

    SCARED of crashing and jumping

    Dude. He didn’t say to jump side by side next to someone. Just follow about 20 feet back or so and you will get a feel for the run up speed needed. It’s more of a way to feel like someone is guiding you in making the jump as a comfort thing for you. If you are going to over analyze/over complicate it like what you are doing, your probably in no position to mess with this idea. Stick to practicing turns if you are going to be thinking that much while coming up to a big jump you’ve never done. It’s all about feel, it can’t really be explained. You need to be relaxed and going with the flow when following a better rider over a jump.
  6. JGlaze

    Impossible to whip!!

    Sounds like your a well rounded freestyle rider other than not being able to do a whip. Maybe try checking your Power Band for proper installation [emoji106]
  7. JGlaze

    1978 Suzuki Rm125 2 stroke

    You might be able to get a couple hundred bucks, I’m not sure what bikes that old in that condition go for but you should be able to get something for it
  8. Here’s our setup. We use it for going riding/racing as well as to campground’s with the family. We love it! [emoji106]
  9. JGlaze

    1978 Suzuki Rm125 2 stroke

    Get rid of it and save up for a 06 or newer YZ125 from Craigslist
  10. JGlaze

    Registering excf in CT

    Just register it. If you have to get inspections in CT see if it passes as is, or just throw the stock tires on for it, then switch back to the good tires after you get it approved
  11. JGlaze

    SCARED of crashing and jumping

    Practice on a small single jump, or tabletop. Focus on technique and try to flow as much as possible. I used to fear jumps badly, and was stiff while jumping. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do jumps on mx tracks during races which gave me a nervous feeling. Just accept that you may not be ready to hit big jumps that seem easy for other riders. If you focus on jumping safer things with good form, you will be able to try bigger jumps when you feel ready. Keep it fun, relax and your fear’s will subside.
  12. JGlaze

    Here's Great Drill For Novices

    Great idea! Never done this but am going to play around with this. I’ve done figure 8’s, great drill
  13. JGlaze

    Fast Striaghts - Stand or Sit

    Do not sit on fast straight’s. You should be on the pegs as much as possible everywhere other than while cornering. This will keep your center of gravity as low as possible, and you can use your body to absorb bumps and obstacles. Practice shifting while in the attack position, it feels weird I know but you will get used to it.
  14. JGlaze

    Clutch Whilst Cornering

    And to your question, you do not need to use the clutch at all to downshift. I would also not hold the clutch in until you start exiting the turn. Doing so will upset the bike mid corner when you go from freewheeling to engaging the transmission and throttle all at once. You will learn to use a little of all five controls in combination as needed. Practice as much as possible, focus on 1-2 things at a time and you will improve [emoji106] roll your turns without the clutch at first, apply a little clutch if needed in order to maintain proper rpm especially if your on a small bore 125/250F.
  15. JGlaze

    Clutch Whilst Cornering

    Gary Semics video’s and other products are a very valuable recourse that I would recommend. I used those over the years and they gave me some great drills to practice