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  1. It's worth it to not have the check bolt if you have a Hinson cover. Those look soon good! Just make sure you put the right amount in with a ratio rite, and you'll be good enough.
  2. sounds like it will be a fun build! eBay will be your friend for something like this
  3. My local shop just became a dealer 10 minutes from my house. Going to be very tempting when there is a 300 SER sitting there on the floor.
  4. Not sure how they compare to the others. But in the Offroad series I am doing, the guy who won the first race of the season in AA was on a Sherco 125. They look sweet! Very well built.
  5. 2 very different engines between a 125/250. If you are new to riding, get a 125. Its a great bike to learn on. Less power as stated before me, but you will learn to keep on the pipe to be able to get around as fast as you want to go. Also about the 125, the handling will also feel more nimble because of less rotating mass. They are very fun bikes to ride for anyone really. A 250 can get you into trouble if you are just starting out, the power is much more than a 125. But if you are an experienced rider, the RM250 is probably my favorite all around Dirt Bike I've ever had. I know it depends on who you know, but if you can ride a 125 and a 250 you will quickly feel the difference between the 2 engines. It's hard to really understand the difference by reading.
  6. I wish they would, but I'm losing hope as each day passes
  7. I was pre entered and ready to go, but had to pull out as of Saturday night . Our babysitter for the kids got sick, and we couldn't find anyone to help us so I had to hang out with the little ones on Sunday. My wife's best friends baby shower was that day, and it would not have been a smart move to go to the race on my end. I plan on hitting the rest of Paul's races though. He lives in the same town as me, and is a great guy.
  8. I'll be driving by on my way to NY Offroad Round 2 this Sunday! Hope to see a Gas Gas in person up there at the race, they look real nice!
  9. Yes it will make a difference. Be careful of overheating if your riding it in the tight woods. Not the best bike for those conditions stock. But if you do some woods specific mod's I'm sure you could get it pretty dialed for your riding
  10. Do it! You'll love it
  11. Different clamps may give you what your looking for if you don't like the off set. I'm assuming you have the last gen of the RM? like 04-08? Those Showa forks are great, I have an 05 with that fork. I spent a lot of money converting my Air fork from my RM-Z to spring to get it to have a similar feel to my RM. I guess you could try to put the forks from the new 18 450 on, but I don't think it would be worth doing.
  12. Just put a Hinson in and you will never have to worry about your clutch again
  13. Doing that would be a step backwards if you are talking about putting an air fork on your RM. Just put the newer style front fender/number plate/fork guards on and your good [emoji106]
  14. After reading the reports from the media, I was dissapointed to see the new bike not fair well so far in the couple of shootouts that are out so far. I was skeptical of the new bike as I'm sure many of you are who haven't gotten a chance to ride one. My buddy just picked up an 18 yesterday, and we went riding in the afternoon at Rocky Hill MX in CT. I have a stock 15 with a Racetech spring conversion and gold valves front and rear for me, and a Yosh exhaust. Got on his, and the bike definitely has the same "Suzuki" feel (love it). It corners just as well as my bike, and feels a bit lighter/more flickable even though the scale's say it's about the same as the previous version. It was really good in a straight line as well. The bike handled well for me with the stock suspension, I like the new fork. Didn't have any issue with the new shock, I believe he went in a smidgen on the tension but it felt great. The motor was similar to my 15. My other buddy has a 17 Honda with the "fix's" which pretty much makes it an 18 with Factory Connection suspension, and got to ride that back to back. The Honda is definitely a more powerful motor, and it was a pretty good bike that I'm sure I could dial in for myself and be happy with. I did however feel more comfortable on the new RM-Z. It may be because I am used to my 15, but I was instantly comfortable on the bike. I have listened to Kris Keefer's shootout, and read Vital's. Honestly guy's, pick a color. Being fortunate enough to ride the "winner" of the shootout's against the supposed "6th place" Suzuki, I feel like both bikes were more than capable of being a great bike to own. I have never ridden a KTM, so I can't compare that bike to the Honda/Suzuki. If it were me with my limited experience with the CRF/RM-Z, I'd get the new 18 RM-Z for my money in a heart beat. I just felt way more comfortable on it. If you like the feel of the Suzuki, don't be worried about buying an 18. Anyway, just an honest ride report from a 32 year old 175lb Vet B father of 2 young kids who get's out to ride once a week. If it's not fast enough for you, throw a piston and pipe on it.
  15. The spring conversion kit is $499.99 from Racetech. Here's the link to more info http://racetech.com/page/title/RT_SCS