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  1. JGlaze

    2015 RM-Z450 looking at a used one, any issues?

    I have one and love it. Never had any shifting issues. Converted fork to spring along with full suspension re-valve which in my opinion made the bike way better. Added a yosh system and that’s pretty much it.
  2. JGlaze

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    I hear they are really good from what I’ve read and heard from guys at the track. The guy who won the NY Off Road championship was on one this year. I think GG or the Sherco FC are my two favorite if I were in the market
  3. That thing is awesome looking! Have a great time with it
  4. JGlaze

    Monster Energy Cup on PlayStation Vue

    We recently “cut the cord” and have huhu plus for $39/month. It comes with FS1, FS2, NBC sports, and CBS Sports. So everything is covered except for MAV tv for first moto coverage for nationals. But getting the online package for nationals next year will still be wayyyy cheaper than what we paid for DirecTV
  5. JGlaze

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    Oh my gosh! We were luckily parked on the opposite corner of the property on the other side of the pit's so it was real quiet over there. We did walk down to the General camping, and the infamous "Lot B" Thursday/Friday/Saturday evening's. It was the craziest party and mud fest ever! They were dragging RV's in with Bulldozers, it wouldn't surprise me to hear that they are still pulling rigs out.
  6. JGlaze

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    That was the most insane thing I have ever experienced!!! Thursday-Sunday night were a complete awesome time!!! We were lucky to get out by 8:30 via a Bulldozer pulling our rig through the mud to an access road.
  7. JGlaze

    Official MX Des Nation, who’s going thread.

    Leaving tomorrow to start the trek out to MI from New England!!!
  8. JGlaze

    Decal template

    You cam buy templates online for pretty cheap.
  9. JGlaze

    Adding lights

    I have a Task racing light bar that works great! I also run a Task helmet light. Together I have plenty of light and range for the night race I did. https://taskracing.com Neither my RM-Z450 or RM250 can just plug lights in. I have to use the batteries. You need an enduro bike if you want to plug the lights into your harness
  10. JGlaze

    2019 KX 450

    You guys liking your 19’s? Hearing great reviews. Seems like Kawi and Yamaha are the clear winners in 19 [emoji106]
  11. JGlaze

    Mud Racing help

    Unfortunately it’s just something you need to practice. It’s dirty, slippery, and takes forever to clean your bike. Be more neutral on the bike and run a gear high. Try your hardest to keep your feet on the pegs and look ahead. You can stiffen your suspension to account for the added weight the bike will pick up via mud. Make sure you take your time preparing your goggles as they are very important to keep good vision. Full waffle grips will give better hand grip if you go down an get mud all over your grips. Spray SC1 or Pam under your fenders to try to have the mud fall off. Tape an old goggle lenses to the end or your visor to help you duck for roost. There’s probably more but just get out there and practice will be the best teacher
  12. Sorry to hear about your crash buddy. Road riding and dirt bike riding are way different, I’m more comfortable with the dirt as that’s all I’ve done. Take it easy when you get back on the bike for a bit, hopefully you recover ASAP
  13. JGlaze

    Anyone else run a Gnarly pipe on an RM250?

    That sounds like my kind of riding. Lots of single track in very rocky/rooty/hilly terrain. I have a 300 kit in mine so short shifting is already something I’m used to
  14. Agree with what everyone has said about covering the bike with a tarp, and locking it in. On top of that, how about putting padlocks in both the front and rear brake rotors? Maybe somehow turn the bars all the way to one side, and attach a lockable cable so the thief cannot straighten the bars. Pull the spark plug cap up just enough so that it's not attached to the plug, but looks like it is attached. If your bike is FI, unhook the coupler for the Fuel Pump under the tank which should be out of sight behind a frame rail or shroud. Take the air filter out, and put something like a Twin Air filter cover on that you would use for washing the bike. Since thief's are typically !*^%ing morons, they would likely give up on the bike even if they get it out of the truck. If they can't start it, push it, they will hopefully just give up and abandon the bike so it is easier to retrieve. It's pretty hard to drag 240 lbs that won't roll, and someone who is too lazy to work and make an honest living would hopefully just give up on your machine. I would not be comfortable leaving a bike out, but you never know. I got sick after a GNCC and had to stay overnight in Tennessee on my way back from a race a while back. I intended on staying at a friends in NC, but just couldn't drive anymore. So with just the bike in the back of my pickup I backed my truck up as close to my room as I could on the first floor. Couldn't put the bike in the room because the race was a complete mudder. Was a bit nervous, but luckily it was still there in the morning.
  15. JGlaze

    Anyone else run a Gnarly pipe on an RM250?

    I'm thinking of trying a Gnarly on my 05. It's a dedicated woods/offroad bike with a Pro Circuit system on it which works well. but my pipe has been bent back towards the front of the frame, and dented and fixed so many times that it's getting harder and harder to bend back. Anyway, from what you are all describing the Gnarly sounds like I would really enjoy it