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  1. I have a 1998 BMW 1100GS with 45K on it and have put about 23K on it in 3 seasons of riding. I got the bike based on its rep as a serious dual-purpose that could eat up the highway miles too. Well, it's a great bike on the highway - slab or back road twisties, it goes and is fun to ride. But on anything more challenging than a good gravel farm road, I found myself in for a major workout just to keep it upright. It weighs a ton - ok, @ 600lbs, but close enough. And that's without being loaded with camp gear, Jesse bags, duffle, tank bag, etc. When this thing goes down, it's a major feat just to get it shiny side up again. Soooo... I'm thinking of selling the GS and getting something a bit more on the dual purpose side - like a KLR, an XR650 or maybe a BMW650GS. I want something capable of a 500 mile day on the slab, but still able to tackle a gravel or sand road without scaring the bjeezus out of me. Light weight (relatively speaking) and a bit lower to the ground would be a plus too - I don't have the inseem for something like a KTM - as the GS is just about at my limit for saddle height. So, how about some feedback on the Pros & Cons of owning a KLR, an XR or a 650GS.
  2. Saranac

    Yamy YZ125. year?

    Thanks to all who replied. I'll look for a VIN on the frame. Seems like its an '86 tho. Any suggestions on manuals to try and restore this bike? I've done a few restorations in the past - Greeves 250, Honda CB160 - but a decent manual or source of basic info is sure going to be needed. Saranac
  3. I got this bike a few days ago from a co-worker who was moving away. The bike is a Yamaha, and supposed to be a 125MX type. It's watercooled and a 2-stroke. The former owner didn't know the year, but thought it was a YZ125, maybe an '84. It's in rough shape, but has decent compression and a spark. I'm hoping to get it in running condition by spring. A manual would be helpful, but I'm not sure what I've got here. Here's a close up view of the number on the engine - http://bigbird.smugmug.com/photos/37903962-S.jpg looks like 12X00 123CM3 Y-1 Here's a pic of the bike in "all it's glory!" Any suggestions as to model, year etc will be appreciated. Saranac