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  1. I started on a ttr125 when i was 12. Excellent bike. Great bike to start your child on. I dont know much about pitsters, but for beginner trail riding, you cant beat a ttr. The thing will climb anything.
  2. Sounds pretty good to me. You'd be happy with either one of those, but i would get the 250xcw, you might want more power at some point in those 7 years.
  3. pullers for the wire? You guys have some wierd tools. I have a KTM (2006), Suzuki (2003), and a honda (1999), and a socket or a wrench works fine on all of em.
  4. Just use a socket.
  5. If you guys got it on NBC consider yourself lucky, I live in Indianapolis and all we got was veggie tales all afternoon.
  6. Supercross

    Same in Indianapolis. :banana: :banana:
  7. Actually Roger Decoster said that the surgery went better than expected, and he should be back before the end of the season. He's probably out of the running for the championship though.
  8. Hmm. Well the TTRs are notorious for being horrible to warm up and start. It normally requires a jetting change. Not just turns of your screws. Sorry I cant help any more but check out this thread P.S. I love those promoto videos.
  9. Wow, you guys complain a lot. C'mon, its same day coverage, you get to see some racing. I think its perfectly fine. My picture is ok, and david bailey is ok. The announcers arent as exciting as the canadian motocross ones but, itll do. Gets me excited for when I go riding or racing on sunday.
  10. We saw 2 quad riders trying to drown themselves in a lake. They would go as fast as they could in it, then lean back and ride a 2 mph wheelie through it, wide open for about a minute then repeat. I think they were floating or something, it was wierd how they did it, but they were stupid none the less. This was on FRIDAY. no telling what goons came out on the weekend.
  11. Thats a badass bike man!
  12. sorry i dont get it either, what in the hell is a yayo?
  13. All depends on how far you want to twist that throttle.
  14. Thats useless power, there is no way anyone would use a quarter of that in the woods, especially at erzberg, which is supposedly what it was made for.