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  1. haleysracer

    XR 100 need some help.

    buy the spring or blow the shock! check ebay for a good deal
  2. haleysracer

    Big Dancing Bananna!!!!!!!!

    BIG THANKS TO ALL!!!!! FINALLY GOT THE BIKE RUNNING probably couldn't have done it without all the threads old and new special thanks to ohfugit for the counter shaft keep giving the great advice and for all those that told me to part it out on ebay
  3. haleysracer

    custom exhaust

    looks goood but it looks like it will either drag in corners or get ripped of in a low side. what about over heating the rear tire? i say go undertail. just cut the battery tray off and fab a new bracket to go around the exhaust. you definaty have a good welder keep us updated on this one. i have 2 ysr's myself and have been thinking of an engine swap in one of them
  4. haleysracer

    Bending valves

    a problem that i ran into was when i pulled the magneto off the woodruff key was worn bad. miss alinging the mag and allowing the mag to slip and giving me a false timing spot. bike run like crap then quit running. ( i bent a valve). double check the key, it's the slot on the crank. (only $2.44 new key). check key, make sure piston is at top when timing mark on mag is set, cam lobes are facing down, cam sprocket circle facing up. hope it helps.
  5. haleysracer

    shift shaft spring

    the litttle spring on the shift shaft. does it have to be the proper honda spring or can i substitute something differant? i'm almost done with rebuid and can't find spring
  6. haleysracer

    need xr100 motor

    always can try ebay!
  7. haleysracer

    05 450r motard mods?

    the bike i'm transforming is for a rider that has raced a 2005 GSXR 600 last year expert class at NHIS in new hampshire, now due to peer pressure he's trying motard. my job is to keep him alive & competative on his (mid sized) bank account i just need to get this set-up right. first race is april 29-30TH i've noticed chain rub on alot of motards, they say it's nomal i don't see how it's not dangerous and creating drag in corners.
  8. haleysracer

    05 450r motard mods?

    what size tire are you fitting on 4.25 rim, also what should the front and rear sag be set at?
  9. haleysracer

    05 450r motard mods?

    getting ready to setup to run motard. looking for ideas on the best mods to run. bike is completely stock, with maybe 3 hrs off dirt riding on it. what mistakes should i avoid thanks!
  10. haleysracer

    xr80 & xr100 cases & gears same?

    are the xr 80 and 100 case the same? how about the tranny gears? also what years interchange for tranny gears?
  11. haleysracer

    anyone have any tranny parts?

    2003 xr100 tore it apart i need a shift shaft and the counter shaft.(the tranny shaft that the front sprocket mounts to). anybody know what years interchange?
  12. haleysracer

    how has the best deal on gaskets

    ordered a factory manual be here fri or sat. where is the best place to buy gaskets? what brand to get? what brand to avoid? figure if i'm doing the tranny i'll need whole set. what else should i do or get when i open this tranny up by the way guys monies tight so no crank, big bore, etc. etc. etc. maybe next time
  13. haleysracer

    only have 2nd and 5th gear xr100

    i'm gunna buy a manual and pull it apart! i'll keep you guys informed on what i find. i'm sure i'll be needing something. by the way thanks for all the advise so far
  14. haleysracer

    only have 2nd and 5th gear xr100

    paid $700, didn't run. rewound stator, now runs. case cracked behind sprocket (threw chain) figure i'll tig weld. teenager owned before and he rode it a lot. still worth the money if i can fix gear problem. just not sure what to look for or where to start.
  15. haleysracer

    only have 2nd and 5th gear xr100

    2003 xr100 just bought it. took it out today 1st time. this bike only has 2nd & 5th gear i'm ready to part it out on ebay PLEASE HELP