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  1. I didn't say that you owed me an apology, only that I want a public apology. A lot of folks have chimed in on this thread and said some stuff that either wasn't true or they didn't tell the whole story. For that, I think I am owed an apology. For me being slow, I do apologise. But I have never nor will I ever rip anyone off for any reason. If someone doesn't like something they get from me, just give it back and I'll get your money to you. Everyone I have ever sold anything to, I told them, if you don't like it send it back and I'll give your money back. And I do mean EVERYONE. From Aaron Silidker to Mr. Black, I have always did one thing, try my best to stay straight on a deal. If someone didn't like a carb or a shock or a head (come to find out William1 sent my head back because he found one for $60 instead of mine for $165, but he didn't want to mention that now did he?) I would always give them their money back. It may take me a while to get it done, but it gets done. All they have to do is ask and I have never denied anyone a refund a total of all THREE people who asked for one. Aaron, William and Kevin. Aaron and I have a good relationship to this day. Will and Kevin must have something against me for some reason.
  2. He sent the shock to me. Do you want it? I'll send it to you and you can keep the stinking thing. You can take it apart and SEE THE GOLD VALVE IN IT. But when you do I would like a public apology for this thread.
  3. I have not done the RM fork conversion. I have RM forks sitting in my garage, but never put them on because I don't know how to change the springs. And I don't have time. And I didn not know there was a differance between shocks. I knew the forks were differant, yes, but I though all the shocks were the same. I put an Ohlins rear that I got from HUSKYCLUB for $300 on my rear and I haven't even messed with the clickers since I put it on. I swear I did not know there was a differance. If I knew, and I'm saying I didn't, then I am a liar and I will stand in Jugement before God for that. but I did not know. Anyone can say what they will, but I know the truth. It was my brothers '03 DRZ that we parted out, so he could buy an S instead of the E. And I furnished proof of the refund thay I issued to Kevin. That was a direct copy and paste from my PayPal account. Why he hasn't recieved it, I have no clue. I guess I should take PayPal to court over the thing. As far as personal things getting involved. I think it is very relative to the situation. When my wife is sitting on the couch balling her eyes out because she lost her first child, I think that that would play a large part in me attending to other needs. i told Kevin that I would refund his money and I did. Then he starts a thread about me and I get flammed when the refund is already eing processed? I'm sitting at work, running parts and turning a wrench, to come home and find this thread. Yes I did log on TT to go to the jetting forum and look up some numbers for a 1997 Honda 400 that ran like crap. And I left the screen open incase I had to come back to it. I don't have time to read luxery threads while I am at work. The DRZ would be just that since I work at a Yamaha/Kawi dealership.
  4. DO you want me to give you my paypal password so you can log on and see for yourself?
  5. I did not know that it wasn't an '03 shock. You are going to believe what you want reguardless of the truth. How many suspension threads have you seen me in? Very few.
  6. Premier Account Overview - United States -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resolution Center: Your account has open issues. Click to Resolve or Check Status Name: Kevin VanOver Email: manfpc03@comcast.net [ Add email ] Status: Verified (62) Earn a return on your balance! Learn More PayPal Account Balance [View Limits] Currency Account Balance U.S. Dollar: $0.00 USD PayPal Buyer Credit Minimum Payment Due Payment Due Date Current Credit Balance $34.00 USD 03/22/2007 $809.99 USD * *May not include activity in last 48 hours See Credit Activity Recent Activity | All Activity | Items Won File Type To/From Name/Email/Phone Date Status Details Action Amount Fee Transfer From Bank Account Apr. 12, 2007 Uncleared Details $155.06 USD $0.00 USD Refund To kevin comstock Apr. 12, 2007 Pending Details -$160.00 USD $4.94 USD
  7. No Ed, I didn't know it wasn't an '03 shock. I went off of what the bike was. I admit my mistake. But there are two sides to a coin. I sent the PayPal refund. No problems.
  8. One more note, I work from 8:30 am till around dark, which is about 8:45 pm. Give somebody time to live. Ok? Did you even check your PayPal account? Wow.
  9. William, you told me several times that you were in "NO BIG HURRY" to get the head.
  10. I'm not afraid to step to the plate. The shock came off of a 2003 DRZ 400E. I have the MSO to prove it is an '03. I have the reciept from the gold valve that was installed for the shock. So unless they charged me for work and parts they didn't do, then it is GOLD VALVE. I'm sorry for the mixup and sorry for the delay. With my wife having a miscarriage and now dealing with postpartum depression, on top of me working the two jobs that I took because of the pregnancy, time has been extremely thin. You can ask whomever you will about me, it may take me a minuet to get to something, but I alwasy come through. I have never let anyone down on a deal, EVER. THat's that. I already issued you a refund through PAYPAL, it says it went through on my end and I have no clue why you have not recieved it on yours. Deal is done. Period. Over with. Thank you for sending the shock back and thanks for contacting me about the problem. I recieved the shock on wednesday and have been swamped. I said I would give you a refund and I did. You all amaze me, really. Thanks for all of the support you gave me and my wife when we found out our baby died 2 weeks ago. You people amaze me.
  11. The problem was a vaccum tube that had a split in it. It was crazy figuring it out and you should have seen the size of the crack. TINY!!!! but it made the bike run like crap.
  12. Please read the following service announcement.
  13. It's pretty simple really. If you keep the valve bucket in contact with the cam for a longer period of time, there is a less span where the valve is closing on it's own. It would be lowered by the cam, instead of slamming shut on it's own. In a simple term. Keeping a tight spec, means that the cam and bucket will contact each other earlier and loose contact later, thus giving more of a contact period and more time for the cam to lower the valve instead of it slamming closed.
  14. Well, increasing the lift and duration are a plus. If you pay for something, you might as well get your money's worth, right? I kind of had the closing velocity thing figured out in my head. It does make sense. Less "slam distance." Is there any instance in which you would not want to run a tighter spec than stock? My valves are on there way from Ron, and I'm about to finish the 500. Should I go with a loose spec to begin with or should I tighten up on the clearances there too?
  15. Ed, Lobe centers aside, running a tighter spec gives more performance and is easier on the cam, but could you explain why? In a condensed form of course, I can understand a lot of what you say, but some stuff I just have to be like a 2 year old and ask "Why?"