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  1. 450 it is do you guys think that's a decent price for a new '05 from a dealership?
  2. I don't know which to buy. I can get the 250 new for 4600 or the 450 new for 5200. I've rode street bikes for about 5 years, everything from 600's to 1000's. Never had my own dirtbike but rode plenty of friends bikes. The bike will be used on motocross/sx tracks and lots of trail riding. Which do you think is better for me? Is the 450 worth the extra $$$
  3. sounds good, my girl knows how to ride (has her own '02 gsxr 1000) the bike just has to be fast enough to keep up. We don't do "legal" riding very often
  4. Looking to pick up a 05 50 for my girl... probably do a trailbikes 88cc cam, carb, race head, and their heavy duty 3 speed trans. Think it'll keep up with my 110 with the right gearing? (54mph?)
  5. i had a 14" street tire but it was a cheap chen sheng deal. Not good for motard. I also have the 12" wheels and pirellis with a 4 speed manual trans. 134cc bore kit and carb coming soon
  6. Does anyone know the output (wattage) of a stock klx110 stator? Right now I have a brake/tail light, and license plate light hooked up to it and I want to know what I got left for a head light Thanks Nick
  7. or you can always just try and get it plated as is. I took the title to my stock KLX110 and got plates for it (gotta love the idiots at chicago DMV's) Since then I've added a tail light/brake light, license plate light, headlight, mirror and I've had no problems
  8. nah I have a 636 for the track <----- as seen here
  9. hmmm how about these? if those don't work try these they should definitely: http://www.stuntusa.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=23424 http://www.stuntusa.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=23425
  10. I did a search of this forum and didn't find much info. There has to be some guys here who run a motard setup on there pitbike? I'll start, I've had a couple previous 110's and I just bought my 3rd from ebay: 2005 KLX 110 Mod list includes: BBR pipe pro taper SE bars cycra stealth handguards 2 bros over the top brake pedal 2 bros folding shifter K&N airfilter RK chain Magura hydraulic full manual clutch 4th gear shift drum blue plastics Excel rims 12" front wheel pirelli SL26 motard tires I plan on getting some white plastics and a different graphic kit. A 143cc bore kit and maybe something with the suspension. Post up pics/info of what you're running. I'm looking for suspension tips for street use. I'll most likely do aggressive springs in front and maybe switch to a heavier rear spring too. One thing I don't want to do is alter the ride height. Here's a couple pics: