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  1. Zachwatts

    kx100 wheeles on kx85 hmmmm

    its called an 85 expert. a big wheeled version. its the same thing.
  2. Zachwatts

    octane gas to use in KDX 200

    yah, im on east coast so i run 93 also. that thing in the consumers digest said that running high octane in some cars will hurt the car and ruin it. i just got scarded cause i love this bike. thx again.
  3. Zachwatts

    octane gas to use in KDX 200

    yah, thats what i was running now, i was just making sure thats what wa good for it. THX.
  4. hey, ive got a '05 KDX 200 and im not sure what octane gas i should run in it. I read some articles that said high octane (91-93) would hurt some cars if ran in them. would it hurt my bike? would it benefit me to run it in my bike? thx all.
  5. Zachwatts

    Non Dirtbike related My video

    dude that was bad. i cant wait for part two. im gunna PM you and give you my email so you can mail it to me when its done lol.
  6. Zachwatts

    Pretty cool supermoto vid

    i thought the one halfpipe-type dirt section was pretty cool, where they kept going to the top and roostin it out.
  7. Zachwatts

    Some nasty crashes

    there wasn't a backflip on a "STERRT" bike in the vid. there is a backflip on a snowmobile and on a quad, no "STERRT" bike.
  8. Zachwatts

    stunting orlando fla

    yah those were bad. i dont think i have seen a better 50 video. alot of vids have some cool 50 stunting in them, but rarely videos are ALL 50s. i liked it alot. 9 out of 10. nice song, stunting, and variety. but the video quality wasnt all that great.
  9. Zachwatts

    XR200 aftermarket throttle?

    you do realize that taking your hands off of the bars while during a race wouldnt be very intelligent? and its illegal in races (at least AMA sponsored races) because: riders arent allowed to receive any transmissions during a race. thats why you cant have a headset so your mechanic can talk to you.
  10. Zachwatts

    needle clip postition

    jeff, thats practically the most helpful thing ive ever read. thx. i just thought that backfiring was rich. my bad. thanks alot though. EDIT: the clip was on the thrid position up, so i moved it two down, to the bottom, and left the air screw alone, and its running great now, even when its cold! thx guys!
  11. Zachwatts

    needle clip postition

    mines not time capsule, but it runs like a mexican and iit starts first kick and i just love it. no i only have the parts that came with it. my seat had been recently redone when i got it. oh yah, i got it for $100, and the only thing i needed was a chain and a new tube. go me. lol.
  12. Zachwatts

    needle clip postition

    hey, it just went from like mid 50s temps at my house to like, below 30 in one day, and i dont have much hope for it to go back up. my 82' xr-80 is backfiring and popping when i try to take off, and it also sputters and almost dies until it gets warmed up. so anyways, i am pretty sure this means it is rich. and i dont really wanna rejet, so to lean it up, which way do i move the clip on the needle? i have done it before, but i just completely forgot. thanx all. -Zach
  13. Zachwatts


    if he doesnt have answers in at least ONE thread then dont tell him to delete BOTH. and your bars are prolly off center. or your perch is farther one way than it is supposed to be. check the bars and make sure they are centered. otherwise, buy some longer levers and lube your cables. youd be surprised what lubed cables would do.
  14. Zachwatts

    Video: Street bike burnout gone very wrong!

    that vid was crazy! the backwards burnout was pretty cool. i geuss he just didnt give it enough gas. he was white smokin it, i dont understand why it caught traction. and harley's are WAY WAY WAY overrated. jap bikes go faster, are tourquier, and they actually sound better. and they are more reliable lol.
  15. Zachwatts

    ESPN's Top 10 Knockouts! (vid)

    yah 1 is good. i also like 4 and 5.