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  1. billy bee

    Clarke tank install questions...

    Thanks... bb
  2. billy bee

    Clarke tank install questions...

    The tank I installed is used and was very clean inside. Doubt there is any crud left in there. I did try running it on prime. It almost catches but no luck. There is a black knob on the side of the carb. I think it is the idle adjust. I have played with it before, but I messed with it and lost track of which way I was going, in or out. What's a good base setting for it? bb
  3. When installing the Clarke tank using the factory petcock, do you use the shim block between the petcock and the tank? I did not use it and the bike wouldn't start. Could there be anything else wrong? There is a metal bale that runs from side to side and seems to thread through the frame to hold the tank forward/down. And recommendations on where that should run? Mine has a bend in it. How should that bend be oriented? My bike has an FCR39 on it. Gonna have to do a choke mod. Saw one where the shaft is shortened. Not crazy about that mod. Also read about one where a cable is attached to the choke mechanism. Any info on that? Thanks guys, Bill
  4. billy bee

    Used SM wheels worthwhile

    I just sold a factory set from my 2001 KTM LC4 to a guy for...wait for it...$700. Had a good front tire, rear tube, front and rear rotors (300/260), but no cush drive sprocket carrier or rubbers. He is going to adapt them to his DRZ S. Maybe I sold too cheap. I am still getting e-mails from the CL post I had up locally... So, I think $700 is a deal bb
  5. billy bee

    PW50 Rejet after Oil Injection Removal

    You can remove the pump and take the pump drive gear off the shaft. Then the pump just acts as a plug in the hole. bb
  6. billy bee

    Going to Kenneady Meadows have a few ?s

    You'll feel a loss in power and the bike will be running rich. No biggie. There is a group of AdvRiders heading up there this weekend, too. Good group. Keep an eye out for them. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=145084 bb
  7. Waht about a polyamide nylon tank? Any expereience or information on repairing them? bb
  8. billy bee

    BMW or KTM

    I own or have owned a BMW R1150GS; F650GS; and KTL LC4E. For the ride you describe the BMWs are the choice for me. The F650 is a remarkable machine and is probably the most reliable of the bunch. The 1150GS the best road handler and the LC4, obviously, the best off-road handler. But if I were to be limited to owning just one bike for all my riding, I'd buy a F650GS Dakar. It does everything well enough. bb
  9. billy bee

    Q: 640 LC4 enduro (dual sport)

    I am new to the KTM game myself and while height is not an issue for me, weight is. I wanted the lightest possible bike and bought a 2001 LC4 Enduro. Specs say it weighs 300# dry. Still heavier than I wanted, and the height exacerbates the weight issue, meaning the taller KTM feels heavier than my Guzzi V65TT (which weighs 360#) because the guzzi is so much lower. But one reason I went with the E rather than the Adv is the weight. And I agree with Creeper, the springs are too soft. The rear bottoms out regularly and I am 6'2" and 200#. Front needs work, too. Good luck with the purchase decision. bb
  10. billy bee

    LC4 Clutch

    Mine does. I sounds like it has a bad throw-out bearing. but only when idling in neutral with the clutch out. Otherwise, quiet. bb
  11. billy bee

    El Mirage: where to camp and ride?

    Hey, Thanks guys fot the info. Looks like the west or northwest edge is where we're headed. I drive a white Ford Camper Van with a pop-top. Looks like this: without the paw prints on it Three rail trailer hitched up. I ride a gray KTM LC4 E and my nephew will be in a TTR125L. bb
  12. billy bee

    El Mirage: where to camp and ride?

    Thanks, guys. Is the west end of the lake bed less windy? bb
  13. billy bee

    El Mirage: where to camp and ride?

    Taking my nephew to El Mirage this weekend. Need a secluded camping area with easy access to easy riding. My non-riding father will be with us, too. So, an area where he can enjoy the scenery is cool, too. Any suggestions? I am leaning to Twin Hills. Anybody want to share gps coordinates of their favorite El Mirage camp site? Thansk, bb
  14. Found a bike I like a lot after looking at DRZs for what felt like an eternity. For some reason, I could not bring myself to buy a DRZ...so I kept looking and found an '01 LC4 E w/ 4k on the clock and some nice accessories. What is a fair asking price for one in vg cond and what should I look out for? Thx, bb