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  1. I have a powercore 2 on my ktm 200sx. Is it possible to put on a spark arrestor end cap or screen from another FMF model (or another manufacturer)? I want to ride this bike on National Forrest trails that require a spark arrestor on all off-road machines. I don't want to buy a turbinecore or other spark arrestor exhaust if possible, but I still have to be legal. I know that the powercore is not stamped "spark arrestor" on the side but regardless, I still need to make my exhaust as safe and compliant as possible. Thanks in advance
  2. dhfox

    KDX sm convert

    Awesome! How hard was it to have the spacers and caliper bracket fabricated? Cost? Thanks!
  3. dhfox

    KDX220 vs RMX250 (pics too)

    Thank you for the replies everyone! It took me a while to get back on here because for some reason thumpertalk.com is now banned in the People's Republic... Thankfully I found a US gov't sponsored internet tunnel (designed for users in Iran and China) to get unfiltered access again!! ha ha I'm leaning towards the KDX - I've simply NEVER heard a bad thing about a KDX engine. That's truly remarkable... cause we Americans are quite critical of products that don't live up to the hype.
  4. dhfox

    KDX220 vs RMX250 (pics too)

    I know that a street legal 2 stroke would be very popular in the states, but I wouldn't be doing much of street riding with either bike. I want something thats gonna be as light as possible, so I'd most likely strip the bike of all signals and lights, etc... And probably get a plastic extended range tank on the KDX too. Thanks for the comments!
  5. I've done a fair bit of searching about KDX220's and RMX250's on the web, and after reading a lot of posts on this site I thought I'd post a message. I know there are a lot of parts that the RMX250 shares with the RM250. Also, in the mid 90's, RM's had conventional forks like the RMX has. My question is, are those RMX and RM forks from those years identical? I weight about 140/145 with my gear on. I'm not such an aggressive rider. Is the RMX too unforgiving for a novice rider? The benefit of the KDX that I'm looking at is that it's cheaper by $500. Both look to be 1997 bikes, about the same condition too. Any suggestions? Thanks! Here are some pics. I'm in a foreign country so the prices here are completely different from the US (where bikes are plentiful and cheap). Here, they are rare and relatively expensive. 97 KDX: $1642 USD (it has an exhaust now, but not in these pics) 97 RMX: $2142 USD
  6. dhfox

    Bottle thrown at James at MXoN!!!

    Unless they were running around with an extension cord too I'd guess they weren't reving a circular saw. Probably a gas chainsaw with no chain blade on it... Still, the bottle throwing does reinforce the 'hooligan' stereotype...
  7. The sheer idiocy on this thread is amazing. Saying anything more is just wasting your breath...
  8. dhfox

    My KX500 Is Now A "Tard

    I'd like to see the Hella lights please!
  9. First off, I live in China. There are only a handful of trials bikes in the country. I've ridden dirt bikes before and I'm seriously considering a 99 YZ125 but I thought that maybe getting a trials bike would really help my skills. Am I dreaming here? (Hey, it worked for Taddy, D. Knight etc ) I found this Aprilia trials bike here in Sichuan - its probably the only one in our province of 100 million people. I tried finding out information about it but so far I haven't been able to come up with much. On http://www.bikepics.com/aprilia/climber280/ is seems to be similar to a "Climber 280r" but I have no idea. 2 Questions - 1. What's your opinion of this bike + a beginner who's never ridden a trials bike + no trials riders or teachers within 1000 miles? 2. Am I a fool? (I just read the r-e-s-p-e-c-t thread so I can guess what this bike can do to me!) tell me if you see red X's...
  10. dhfox

    100 kicks before starting?

    In order for the bike to start, it needs only 3 things: A spark Enough compression in the cylinder Something to burn (gas/air mixture) Without any one of these 3 things the bike won't start, no matter how many times you kick. 50-100 times for any bike is definitely too many. Checking for spark isn't too hard. To be easier on yourself, assume that the spark plug wire is fine (just take a quick look at the wire and the cap to see if anything looks abnormal or loose). See if you can take the plug out and exchange it for a new one. That clears up part 1. Part 2: Compression. Assume you have compression. Unless something catastrophic happened on your last ride I would guess your cylinder is fine. Part 3. Gas/Air mixture: Check the little things... fuel valve turned on? Carb not flooded? etc. Sometimes the proper fix is the most also the simple.
  11. We ride mini bikes around here! They're just like normal bikes but with the springs removed! These pics are thumbnails so you can click them if you want. Some other pics in there too of my friends playing. These pics were taken in China.
  12. dhfox

    Need a little help on a cr250 1989

    I would suggest going to ebay. If you are looking for parts for older CRs you can have very good luck finding them there. It's easy to set up an account too. I got my 1994 CR250 rolling chassis there. $200! (everything except for engine)
  13. I found this bike for sale here... Keep in mind that there are only a handful of KTMs in the whole country, so this 400SXC is likely the only one in China. That kinda makes finding expertise mighty difficult, so if I get it I'm going to have to do all necessary work on it myself. What year do you think this one is? I've done as much research as I can about LC4s, and it seems many people say they are pretty bulletproof but a little heavy. I've heard that 400SXCs weigh about 250 pounds? Maybe I'm wrong and that was the 400EXC... How much should this KTM weigh? I ride a sherpa 250 now and I think that's about 268 pounds with some fuel (I weighed the bike using a bathroom scale! ) But there should be a big difference between the LC4 and my sherpa in horsepower! Am I foolhardy for wanting a bike like this? There are plenty of KLX250s and some XR250s to be found... which would be my other choice. What are your thoughts? Chris in Chengdu, Sichuan
  14. This is similar to the saying we have in mountain biking (and many other sports): light, strong, cheap - pick two. As for dirt bikes though, there are many bikes that fit into the formula of light, powerful, reliable, but they only have 2 out of 3. Is there any bike out there that breaks the mold and has all 3? Any bikes come to mind? I thought of a kdx or ktm 200exc, but I'd like to know about more four strokes you had thought of...
  15. dhfox

    China XR 250???

    Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda have joint venture companies here that produce 125 and 150cc bikes mainly for the Chinese market. The Yamaha YBR125 is not uncommon to see flying down the roads. Unfortunately, there is NO Chinese company, either 100% Chinese or Chinese-Foreign Joint venture that makes an off road/dual sport motorcycle with an engine larger than 200cc, with exception of the brand new Jialing 600 (a design "inspired by" the BMW 650 funduro). This "China XR 250" is not made here and cannot be purchased here (the one in the pic in the first post).