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  1. sixsicketysix

    Indoor Mini Motard Track Interest

    I submitted the form....indoors riding around here would be good.
  2. sixsicketysix

    The new Bubba

    Thats a tough thing to do for anyone....Bubba is certainly pinned, he is ridiculously fast and talented. He tends to crash a bit more than RC and perfect seasons are all about being totally consistent and injury free. Hard to do when your rolling the dice in the dirt. Im just looking forward to what unfolds....hope these guys stay healthy and we will have a sick season of racing.
  3. sixsicketysix

    Which 250 4 banger...leftover RMZ or new 06

    LOL funny thing about this quote is that I just accepted a job at Geico...heh funny. Hopefully Ill get it right....I might just have to meet somewhere in the middle and get myself one of the leftover 05's that fit me best and save a few bucks and not worry about the 04 Suz issues.
  4. Ok....I have gotten some answers by searching and reading many posts in various forums. Im looking for some more direct rider opinions. I plan on picking up a 250 four very soon (financed). From all the info I have gathered the 06 YZ250f seems to be the top dog, but all the 06's are looking great. Im looking for a good reliable whip with great handling. We all know the avg pricing of a new bike at around 6k. A buddy of mine manages a Suzuki dealer and can get me a leftover price combined with a bro hookup on an 04 RMZ. Ive read about some issues with the cooling and valves etc, and also that it requires some mods to make it close to reliable. Not sure how much of an issue this has been. So I need to figure out what to do here....save 2k or so on the 04 or just spend the extra money for an 06. Keep in mind I want to keep this whole deal as cheap as I can, but that includes future mods and maintenance as well. I want a solid bike and I want reliability. I will be riding mostly track, with occasional racing. Sorry about the long post...just want to make the right decision. Thanks for any help.
  5. sixsicketysix

    1st Annual Texas 250F Shootout

    I Totally agree with you....my point was just that making drastic changes to each bike before testing makes the testing innacurate for normal consumers. I personally believe all the bikes out now are pretty awesome. Im trying to decide on a new 250f myself, and Im going for the one that proves to be most dependable and fits me the best.
  6. sixsicketysix

    1st Annual Texas 250F Shootout

    The point of the shootout is to test the bike as you would roll it out of the dealership. Changing the stock tires, jetting, and suspension completely changes the characteristics of each bike rendering a true shootout test irrelavent. I want to know the results of the stock bikes since thats what we are paying for as consumers....and finding out what about the bikes I would have to change to fit me as a rider.
  7. sixsicketysix

    cant decide between Pitster and Xtreme

    Stay tuned on this....I have something in the works.
  8. sixsicketysix

    Aftermarket swingarms on SDG/SIKK/Thumps?

    Has anyone had any luck putting on an aftermarket extended swingarm on a Sikk style pit bike? I know the mounts are all the same, just need to know if they work with the disc brake setup that are on those type of bikes.
  9. ya, gonna do that...didnt even realize there was a seperate forum till now. thx
  10. Has anyone had any luck putting on an aftermarket extended swingarm on a Sikk style pit bike? I know the mounts are all the same, just need to know if they work with the disc brakes that are on those type of bikes.