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  1. The hmtl thing didn't work so you'll have to manually type in to see the pictures.
  2. I read the thread posted by nopwr and thought it was a worth while project. It's 103 degrees this afternoon and I need a project so I thought I would sweat this one out. It was very quick and easy. It took right at an hour. The only additional modification I had to make was to grind the bracket on the left turn signal. It was a trial and error process to get it to fit just right. In my case, the left turn signal pointed down a little farther than the right and it would have bugged me to leave it that way. The modification does put the turn signals up in alignment with the handlebars so if you do lay the bike down, it increases their chances of survival. Here's the play by play: Remove the headlight cover and expose all of the wiring. Unplug the turn signals from their connectors. Unbolt the brackets from the forks and remove them. Unbolt the turn signals from the brackets. Remove the brake line holder by prying the end open. You will need to turn it upside down during installation. In one of the pictures, you can see the bracket that was modified. Be sure to file the edges smooth and paint it before installation. This also is an excuse for purchasing a right angle grinder to add to your arsenal of tools! Your wife will understand. No really, she will. Installation is just the opposite of the dismantle. If you don't do the grinding on the left bracket, you will be done in 30 minutes. Have fun, good luck. Pics can be viewed at: [thread][/thread]
  3. Thanks for sharing the helmetcam. That was the coolest ride I've ever seen!!!!