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  1. motopig

    urgent advice

    Ive had a CRF,YZF, and RMZ,by far the RMZ is the easiest four stroke to start, hot, cold, crash, It doesn't matter, the RMZ is the easiest starting four stroke period.
  2. motopig

    rmz 450 oil filters

    google it, suduco I think has the cheepest.
  3. motopig

    2007 RMZ info -

    The 05 & 06 RMZ 450 frame is magic,ride one for 5 laps on a track then jump on a CRF , you will go rite thru your first turn,why mess with success?
  4. motopig

    first ride on my 06 450 (cornering question)

    I found out on mine I was just going too slow,if you are trying the inside and it feels weird try to force yourself to faster then you normally would,I'm railing the inside like never before and if I had the balls it could go even faster,these bikes are like nothing else when it comes to cornering.
  5. motopig

    Dissapointed with the '06

    if you want to mellow the hit out put a yosh pipe on it,I liked the bike before i put the pipe on ,It mellowed the bottom out big time, not sure if i like it tho.
  6. motopig

    thumper racing kit bogging on top end?

    on the crank theres two marks,is the first one timing and the second t.d.c.?
  7. just installed the 270 kit in my son's bike, it runs ok till you start to rev it then it just dies about 2/3 of the way thru the powerband,with the incresed compresson should I have to beef up the ignition?
  8. motopig

    Yosh or Pro Circuit on the 06

    I just installed a yosh full titanium system on my 06,I dont know what the weight diff. is but it feels a ton lighter then stock,also the stock can had some crap rattling around in it when I took it off,all the weight savings is on top too,gonna try it out tomorrow Ill get back with a report.
  9. motopig

    '06 RM-Z 450/'06 YZ450F Comparison help

    I ride the 40+ b class,we are all far from fast and the passing is done almost always in the corners,my 06 corners like it's on rails,in my class it's a killer unfair advantage
  10. motopig

    '06 RMZ More low end than '05?

    the 06 has a boatload more power down low then the 05,cycle news even said it was too much for the beginner or novice
  11. motopig

    crf to a rmz????

    Ive ridden the 05 & 06 crf's and there bad ass bikes,that being said I bought a 06 rmz If you can borrow one for a couple of laps at a local track you will know what I mean.
  12. motopig

    06 RMZ450 question

    neutral on a 06 is a mofo,I just set the idle up and turned the fuel screw out 1/2 turn for the stalling,one of the main reasons I was stalling was I'm not used to taking the inside line,when I first got it I would dive to the inside then being on crf's for the last three years I would brace for the front push but it ain't there in the mean time I'm still idling around the inside and it stalled,the thing with these bikes is you can haul ass on the inside line but it just gets some getting used to.
  13. motopig

    '06 RMZ450 Pipe?

    are you guys putting these pipes on a 06 or a05?
  14. motopig

    Bridgestone M401/M402As

    for general purpose tires they aren't bad
  15. motopig

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    I don't ride my 06 as hard as my son does(exploded front and rear rims) but three oil changes and half as much junk as my 04 crf in the oil filter,and that's with the clutch in the mix too.