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  1. monkeybite

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    alright folks, i just put badly needed new wheels and tyres on my 2000 XR4. i haven't ridden this beast in about two years and have been ridding my 2007 CRF250R on all occasions. My question is this; what i would call engine braking on the XR4 seems quite severe compared to my CRF250R. To me this is very alarming, but is it normal? The compression is in spec, and the clutch is completely thrashed and will soon be replaced. I am just curious because i cannot remember how the greatest bike on earth felt to ride. Please forgive me, as i have sinned!
  2. monkeybite

    Barcia running single exhaust at GH

    I'm sorry, I didn't know I was chatting with a know-it-all. I guess I am the wrong one. Or, maybe you should call someone like Don Emler (FMF) and visit with him about how he builds his exhaust. I don't know what I am talking about. Gosh, thank you for clearing that up. Also, you were never a die-hard Honda fan. You don't know what a die-hard Honda fan is, clearly!
  3. monkeybite

    XR680R build/rebuild

    Now, is it powder coated or painted? I think you have an incredible frame. I am very anxious to see what's next!
  4. monkeybite

    what the?

    we put in kg factory clutch
  5. monkeybite

    what the?

    I did replace the springs, but I measured the old ones and they were still in spec.
  6. monkeybite

    Has anyone ever heard of a TTR230 made by Yamaha?

    Try servicehonda.com, you can search on their interactive parts fiche. You might get a pretty good deal, but remember S&H.
  7. monkeybite

    what the?

    That's ok. I am fairly familiar with these kind of transmissions. I just haven't split the cases of a 250R yet. I do appreciate your reply. That is enough to convince me to do it. Thanks again!
  8. monkeybite

    Barcia running single exhaust at GH

    I have a White Bros XCR single on mine and I love it. I would like to have some Yosh. duals, but I am poor. A two-stoke's pipe or "expansion chamber" is built that way for a reason pertaining to performance. The guys at Honda have been around the block, I am sure there is a great reason to why they designed it the way they did. There is a crap ton of variables that go into designing a complete engine, and to design one with fuel injection and the power to compete with the other manufactures. Also, the new 450's header is nothing in size to a two-stroke and that wasn't that vunerable on those. Just look at KTM factory off-road guys. Do you see many if any of them with some kind of guard?
  9. monkeybite

    what the?

    Alright gang, My brother has a 2006 250R. It has some wear. We have replaced the piston and all the head comp. It does need to have the valve seats re-surfaced and new valves. We just replaced the clutch discs and the basket with hinson. He states that the bike will shift into neutral when he races. The old basket had teeth marks where the plates had eaten into it. Anyway, this last weekend he came to the face of a jump and downshifted and "it slipped into neutral", and he broke his ankle. I assumes that there is something in the gearing. I just don't want to split the cases unless I have to. But I do have the time, he just gets to sit tight and heal for a while. Let me know what you think Thanks-
  10. monkeybite

    enduro CRF250R build

    I will start messing with those things soon. Still, no one has said anything about getting a rekluse. Are the hated on here or what?
  11. monkeybite

    XR680R build/rebuild

    What have you done to your frame? That thing looks awesome. I have a XR4 and I am thinking about doing something to the frame, but I just keep thinking I will get something into the frame where the oil comes through. I am very curious on what you have done, that looks incredible!
  12. monkeybite

    enduro CRF250R build

    I have an 07 CRF250R. I am just starting to ride enduros and hair scrambles. I need to do something internally that will manipulate the engine to rev slower and put a lot of low and mid to the ground. Any suggestions?
  13. monkeybite

    The scumbags got me lastnight

    The issue with insurance is anything that can be insured by itself is not covered in any kind of rental or home owners insurance, UNLESS it is inoperable (disassembled). In this case, the insurance company is put in the position of how to view the claim. In any way it is a crap shoot. Anyway you look at it, your are in for a trip. If you took a wheel off or anything that makes the machine inoperable, then you have a chance of making a claim that it was in pieces and not a single unit that could be insured. Did I loose you?
  14. monkeybite

    Report on the Athena 280 and the 08 cam

    what kind of jetting issues did you have with the 280?
  15. monkeybite

    Reno = Aprilia SXV 450

    was the aprilia really there, I didn't get a chance to check, was it on satelite at all.