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  1. I recently purchased my 2nd DR650SE primarily for my son to ride. This latest one is a 2005 and only had 2500 miles on her. I have noticed that the '05 model vibrates at all speeds more than my '01 model that has about 4000 miles on her. The difference in vibration between these two models is noticeable by all who ride them. I have installed and balanced a new rear tire and cleaned, lubed and adjusted the chain. I am considering cracking the engine to check the counter balancer, but I would like some feedback regarding how difficult this task is. I have done some wrenching on these models, but I have never gotten into the engine and I don't want to get in over my head. Just some quick feedback regarding the general difficulty of this procedure would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Max - Thank You! That is exactly the information I was needing. There are multiple posts about vibration being caused/fixed by adjusting the balancer, but the model year of the DR seems to be the issue and mine is not the chain driven model, so it looks like I need to look elsewhere. Thanks again.
  3. Guys, I appreciate the need to eliminate other possible causes, and I will continue to do that. Please, this is the question - How difficult is it to check the counterbalancer? There is a difference in vibration when you are standing still, clutch engaged, and just reving the engine. No tires, no chain, no wheels. I will check the motor mounts and thanks for that tip. Searching this forum for "vibration" and reading the posts leads me to believe that there MIGHT be an issue with the counter balancer, as others have experienced based on their posts. I am just trying to decide whether or not it is worth the effort to check it out. Checking tire pressure - easy, checking wheel balance - somewhat more involved, but still pretty easy, checking counter balance - ??????? Thanks again for the excellent feedback. I'm a big fan of this forum.
  4. jmooreou

    Stock Corbin and IMS Tank

    Here is a pic of my DR with Corbin and the Safari (9 Gal) tank from Auqualine. Works great - no issues...
  5. jmooreou

    DR650 seat - Gel or Corbin?

    I own two DR6550s One has the Corbin (leather on top) and the other has the Gel seat. I also have the original stock seat in my attic. No question that the Corbin is much more comfortable than the gel. The leather breathes, so in hot weather it will be way, way more comfortable than the gel seat. If I am going any great distance, I still strap on the Airhawk cushion, regardless of what seat I am using. The Airhawk makes long days possible when otherwise it would be miserable.
  6. jmooreou

    what tire changer do you use

    Here is a short rant on tire changers thinking this might be helpful to someone on the forum. I wanted to start mounting and balancing my tires for the same reasons most riders do. Cost, and convenience of being able to do it myself. Plus just the "guy thing" about self sufficiency. Starting out, I was a complete newbie on this whole issue. My early investigation (forums and google searches) led me to purchase the Harbor Freight unit. Note: I DO NOT recommend this unit to others and I would not make the same purchase again. Primarily I use the HF unit to clamp and hold the wheel at a comfortable working height and to break the bead. I immediately started discovering the weak points of the HF unit. 1. The mount/demount bar is basically useless except as a lever to break the bead. Because it is steel against your rims, you have to accept seriously scratched rims if you use this tool. I purchased the Nomar mount/demount bar and I am very pleased with it. 2. The rim clamps on the HF unit are not very well designed. Again, steel contact with the rims and not a good fit with the thicker BMW rims immediately had me looking for alternatives. Doing additional research, I found the Nomar unit, which is probably the unit I would purchase if I started over. I also found the Wikco, which I learned the HF is actually a Chineese copy of. Wikco has what appears to be nice clamps and I called them to purchase a set. When I told the lady at Wikco I had a HF unit, she said "we won't help you if you have bought a Chineese copy, I have another call holding... click" and hung up on me. While I can understand Wikco's frustration with off-shore knock offs, I was stunned when she hung up on me while I was attempting to purchase some of their products. Suffice to say, I won't consider Wikco for future purchases. I never even considered where the HF unit was manufactured as I bought it at the retail store here in Tulsa. It was what I (thought) I needed, so I bought one. I have changed about 5 or 6 tires in the last four months since buying the HF unit. I really like the ability to order and install tires and get them installed and balanced at my leisure. I have several dual sport bikes and those tires are not normally available retail in Tulsa, and if I order through the dealer, I may as well order direct. So, the HF unit today is used as a platform and bead breaker. I am trying to learn how to change a tire with levers only, but every time I attempt that, I end up setting up the HF stand and using it. I just makes things easier and quicker. If I started over, I would probably get the Nomar unit. If I hadn't had my unfortunate experience with Wikco, I would probably consider their unit as well, but that isn't going to happen given their hostile response to my attempt to purchase their clamps. I also hope to continue to learn how to do the "levers only" method just in case I need to change a flat while I'm somewhere remote like Copper Canyon. I hope this information is useful to others on this forum.
  7. jmooreou

    Stablemate for my DR650

    Just my $0.02 worth... Besides my DR650 I have owned several bikes over the past two years including '02 HD Fatboy FLSTFI, '05 HD Ultra Classic FLHTCUI and '95 Airhead BMW R100 GSPD "Classic". I ended up with a '05 BMW R1200GS as my "other" bike. It is the one that I will ride to Alaska in August. It is great over the long haul, but light enough that I'm not limited to pavement. I (think) I am like you in that I really like riding the DR around town and it can't be beat when the going gets rough, but the GS is wonderful for long trips and for loaded touring. In winter, I will miss the protection that the Ultra offered (fairing and lowers), but this pair of bikes seems to fill the bill for me. In the end I wanted something that would allow me to negotiate gravel/fire roads and still tour long distances. Plus, the more I rode the Harley, the less I liked the noise. Good luck with your choice.
  8. jmooreou

    16 tooth sprocket questions

    Will the cover still fit over the 16 tooth sprocket? Also, can it (16 tooth sprocket) be installed without adding any links to the chain? Thanks.
  9. jmooreou

    16 tooth sprocket questions

    Thanks for the reply. I purchased both the 14 and 16 from Jesse and have the 14 installed in preparation for a dual sport ride in Ark this weekend. Installing the 14 was just as you say, easy and no need to even remove the rear wheel. I just wasn't certain about the clearance with the larger 16 tooth sprocket. Thanks again. I plan to use the 16 when I hit the road for extended touring as it should cut down on vibration at highway speeds. It is so easy to change, I will likely carry the 14 for use when I get to the interesting parts of the trip.
  10. jmooreou

    Dr 650se Is The Speedometer Accurate?

    My 2001 DR650 speedo was checked with GPS and reads 10% fast, which is common for the manufacturer's liability. When reading 80 mph I am actually doing 72 mph per the GPS.
  11. jmooreou

    Acerbis Aftermarket tank VS IMS and Clark

    Who sells the Aqualine tank?
  12. jmooreou

    Acerbis Aftermarket tank VS IMS and Clark

    Sounds like another possible thread... I am considering outfitting my DR650 for extended touring (Alaska) and besides the need for a larger tank to handle the long distances between fuel stops, I'm also curious about chain maintenance when on an extended trip. What do experienced riders do in regards to chain maintenance on extended trips? My long tours have all been on either a Harley Ultra Classic (belt) or a BMW GS (shaft) so I haven't had to deal with a chain while on the road. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.