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  1. xl350

    76 xl350 carb swap +

    thanks for the shock demention
  2. xl350

    76 xl350 carb swap +

    Try this again... What's the length difference you ended up whith?
  3. xl350

    76 xl350 carb swap +

    Hey Guys, Anybody share there set up for a 36mm round slide Mikuni on a 76 xl350? Also rear suspension. could I go with longer dampener/spring?
  4. xl350

    xl350 Questions

    I've just replaced my chain with a Takasago. 30 bucks.
  5. xl350

    condenser question

    Thanks for the help dorkpunch. I'll look for a rebuilding kit.
  6. xl350

    condenser question

    Thanks Mike, If I were to use that set up she wouldn't run, I've tried.
  7. xl350

    condenser question

    Hey Dorkpunch, I've only recently aquired the bike, (freebe) It had been sitting for over 5 years. There's less than 5k miles on her. I have gone through the fuel system. Maybe I should rebuild the carb fully. My condenser question, I just did it and it worked fine. The sputtering is still there but it has lessened.
  8. xl350

    condenser question

    Hi Guys, I've got a 76 xl350 that sputters @ about 4500. The main jet is a 115 with the metering valve clipped at the top (lean). If I move the clip down anymore the sputterring worsens It idles fine and wide open is fine. The stock condenser is wired into the coil. Could I cut that wire and replace the cond.? It also seems to get abit hot. cooloff pingging