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  1. Stock Kickstand bolt broke today. In the garage, knocked over my daughters KLX110, ripped my seat....that sucks. Wish I would have read sooner. Which aftermarket kickstand do I buy again??
  2. I have about 150miles on an '06 450EXC, and went through the same thought process you are (WR, CR-X, or EXC) It's an awesome bike, and is perfect for tight single track, open desert, handles the whoops incredibly. I wouldn't choose it for a track bike, as the power band is very broad (vs. the snap of a YZ let's say). One of the main reason's for the decision, was that I rode a 400EXC on some mountain single track, and it was phenominal. Ktm really seems to get the "specific" purpose concept better than the Japanese mfg's. Outside of Hanguards, and Skidplate, it's right off the dealer floor. It does come out lean off the floor so negotiate some jetting into the deal. Also, I'm about 5'11 - 195lb, and will most likely need to change the spring on the rear shock to achieve optimal set up.