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  1. RodeHard

    Sitting versus standing

    It all depends on the terrain. If it's rough, I stand, if it's smooth I sit.
  2. RodeHard

    Help Please...XR650R Stalled, now wont start

    I'm assuming you have a kill switch or at least a handlebar mounted horn/turnsignal/headlight/kill switch. Anyway take it all apart and make sure all of your contacts are clean. Sometimes taking a little emery cloth and roughing up contacts will help also. Sounds strange that everything was working just fine up until it just quit. Sounds like an electrical problem to me.
  3. RodeHard

    Tire Change Tools/Machine

    Get yourself a HF tire changer and a Marc Parnes wheel balancer and there isn't a tire that you can't change. It's like having a 3rd set of hands. The clamps keep the bead in the middle of the rim making it really easy to spoon the tire on or off. I have no problem mounting ultra heavy duty tubes or street tires with my machine. http://www.4strokes.com/reviews/harborfreight/mctirechanger/ http://www.pbase.com/fredharmon/tirechange http://www.marcparnes.com/
  4. Kneepads, elbow pads, chest protector, good boots and a good set of hand gaurds are pretty much a prerequisite if you're riding out here in the AZ desert. Especially the tighter single track trails. One good get off and you usually end up landing on some really nice sharp rocks or eating a cholla cactus. I can't even begin to tell you the number of busted elbows and knee caps I've seen from squids that didn't wear the proper equipment. There isn't a month go by that I haven't had to assist some squid and his buddies because they crashed and needed somebody to ride them out to a main road so they can get to a hospital for stitches because you can see their bones poking through their skin.