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  1. Phacops

    wild rat

    LW gets pretty packed by noon on the weekends. they also usally prep around mid-day and the track closes for about 45 mins when they do that.
  2. Phacops

    Fuel mixture screws

    The numbers on the aftermarket screws are also nice for reference. I usually make adjustments in 1/4 turn intervals.
  3. Phacops

    part number for # 40 leak jet

    I also have an 05 yz250f and called Boyesen when I got my quickshot and they said you need to use a 40 or 45 LJ with that AP cover. Living in CO I use the Blue needle until it gets hot (above 80 or so). I noticed a difference right away when I put my 45 LJ in (couldn;t order a 40 at the time so I went with the 45--still a big difference compared to the stock 90). Having read the posts here I also wanted Boyesen's opinion and that is why I just gave them a call. I noticed more of a difference with the JD kit and 45 LJ then I did with the quickshot alone. Too many changes and it's hard to tell what works and what does not. Good luck
  4. Phacops

    RG3 Triple Clamps

    i have some on my '05 and think they are great. i noticed how much more plush things seem after about half a lap on the track. i have not tried the 22mm offset ones though. if I were spending money on news clamps again I would only get something that has some extra dampening built in.
  5. Phacops

    JD jetting kit or boyseen quickshot

    Yep, I also have JD kit, quickshot, and a 42 leak jet on my '05YZ250F. the JD kit and the LJ seemed to make the most difference and the quickshot is almost a waste of $, IMO.
  6. Phacops

    Leak Jet ?

    Thanks all. Those links made it easier then I thought it would be. Now we'll see how she runs this weekend...
  7. Phacops

    250F Carb Removal??

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the TPS you are mentioning? Is this the star bolt they tell you not to loosen for the throttle sensor? On my '05 all I do is loosen the boots on either side of the carb, remove the hot start plunger and rotate the carb clockwise to make jetting adjustments.
  8. I have read this, http://www.thumperfaq.com/ap.htm, and it was helpful. I am about to change out my leak jet and am wondering if it really is possible to access that jet without taking the carb off. Can I rotate it around and just remove the float bowl and access it easily that way? '05 YZ250F
  9. Phacops

    Boyesen APC

    I have the same bike and Boyesen told me to do a 42 or 45 leak jet instead of the stock 90 LJ. i have not done that yet, but that's at least what they told me to do. I also have a 45 PJ and I'm running a 178 MJ too. Bike is tough to start and I need some time to play with the jetting a bit more.
  10. Phacops

    Hour meter

    I attached mine to my radiator brace and it works great. I also have a timer model that does tach and hours both--really nice for setting your idle correctly. Worth the investment for sure.
  11. Phacops

    timing plug gone

    I had the same thing happen to me and I just cleaned my fliter (stainless) and flushed a quart or oil through. the "dirty" oil was not that dirty and I didn't lose much oil either. You should be fine.
  12. Phacops

    Intake Valve Question

    What year and model are you talking about?
  13. Phacops

    05 250F Jetting Specs for a WB Pro 1 ??

    Do either of you know the stock leak jet size for the 05 yz 250F? I just called Boyesen due to my new APC not doing squat and they suggested a 42-45 Leak jet. I do not have my manual with me to look at for reference. Thanks
  14. Thanks. That is scary because your picture looks almost exactly like my bike, with the zip-ty screw and Devol guards anyway. I'll give it a shot.
  15. Another Newbie needs some help! I need to change out my pilot jet on my Keihn carb, '05 YZ250F. Can I access that from the drain screw on the bottom of the float bowl, or do I need to take it all apart to access the pilot jet? Thanks