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    My rides in Azores

    What a beautiful place! Lucky you
  2. Desert Dog Z400S

    Free power mod question

    Where does the red wire go when it goes into the harness? I'm about to do the same thing and had the exact same question. Glad I didn't start a thread.
  3. Desert Dog Z400S

    Replacement regulator/rectifier

    What is the general consensus on which RR to use. Go back with OEM or go with aftermarket? Anyone had any experience? I really haven't found much in teh way of aftermarket RR assemblies for the DRZ. I almost bought the one listed at the OEM TT store but thought I'd better ask all of you first. Thanks
  4. Desert Dog Z400S

    Replacement regulator/rectifier

    Stock flywheel and stock wiring. 28k miles, very regular oil changes. Sometimes I go 800-1000 miles, but not often. I live 10 miles from town and half of that is over a dirt road so I stay on top of oil changes. OE stator lasted 6 yrs. #2 was a defect from moose, and they made it right. #3 & #4 were rebuilds from custom rewind. Running #5 right now. I'm not saying something didn't knock the RR out, but it is dead nevertheless. All wires and connections look good and have continuity. Like I said, totally surprised it was the regulator. Am going to buy a used one off the marketplace, perform free power mod, and hope. I can't find anything else wrong anywhere. Stator tests out perfect but RR failed.
  5. Desert Dog Z400S

    Replacement regulator/rectifier

    Yeah, I'm on my fifth stator. I was surprised so find that it was not the stator again. I second guessed myself so much I decided to leave it alone for a day and come back to with the factory service manual in case there was incorrect info on the test procedure listed on this forum. As usual, Noble was correct, and I have a faulty RR.
  6. Desert Dog Z400S

    milled heel guard tell me what you think

    I definitely think you're on to something here. For those of us who are into armor more than "bling", and appreciate handmade care more than material being stamped out @ thousands per day increases it's value greatly. My humble opinions..... Bring the bottom tip of rear disc guard up a bit, then make all edges of guard app. equal distance away from rotor providing protection and aesthetics. What did you bolt the guard to? Same with front sprocket. Tuck the bottom in closer to lower mounting bolt. Bring forward pointing angle back so it covers chain. Bring top angle down so it matches angle of chain going toward rear. Bring rear point of heel guard down, so it is same distance away from chain as front point, and follow angle of chain. Did you cut threads to mount or use ny-locks? Like I said, just my opinion. Good luck with all of it. BTW, are those 2004 Ninja wheels? It's all pretty slick, looks like you have some work invested in it. Like GOF1 said, nice to see a well used bike. Bike polishers annoy me.
  7. Desert Dog Z400S

    So you wanna race Baja

    Congrats Andy! Finish or not, you have done more than many of us ever have! Great job! Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did.
  8. Desert Dog Z400S

    Maico making a comeback

    Sweet! I hope they sell them in the U.S.
  9. Desert Dog Z400S

    2001 drz 400s bottoming hard...

    I had the same problem with my 00' S. The rear shock lasted me 8 months and it started leaking. I ordered an ohlins shock and love it. I forgot the spring rate, but it works really well. Shortly after I ordered .48's from racetech. That purchase was a big mistake. Those things beat the crap out of me and I weigh 200lbs naked. just something to think about. For the enduros I run I still use stock fork springs and am happy with the way the setup works it just takes awhile to get it dialed in. As an answer to the question about the nitrogen......an inert gas must be used. The reason you can't use a bicycle pump is because depending on the application, the pressure is supposed to be up around 150 psi(if my memory serves me correctly).
  10. Desert Dog Z400S

    Poor Running KLX?

    FCR will have the same problem if you let it sit still for awhile. To prevent you must ride often, let fuel stabilizer circulate through the carb, or turn fuel off and let carb drain completely or let it run until it dies. You're right though, if you have to remove stock carb, you might as well put a better one in it's place if you have the means to do so.
  11. Desert Dog Z400S

    Poor Running KLX?

    That's exactly what my ATV does when I don't ride it for awhile, STA-BIL and all. I don't use any sea foam or berrymans, although I'm sure they will work. I just ride it sputttering or not and it clears itself up. I hate tearing into the carb on the DRZ since it's a little hard to get to. It usually doesn't take much. Will your bike not run at all w\o the choke or it just won't idle? If it will run with the throttle cracked open enough to get into the pilot circuit of the carb then this advice will probably work. It always has for me. kman780 is right though, it sounds like there is a little gunk around your needle and seat\pilot.
  12. Desert Dog Z400S

    Poor Running KLX?

    Inspect vaccum hose for cracks. Sometimes after sitting for awhile the carb gets gummed up, even if you turn the petcock off, and even if you have stabilizer in it. If this is the case, usually just running fresh fuel through it will eventually clean it out. This hapened to me on one of my bikes and it always hapens to my ATV since I never ride it. That's the cheapest easiest place I can think of to start. Good luck
  13. Desert Dog Z400S

    Roommate for my DRZ

    Congrats on the new purchase! I sold an '03 wr250 and started missing it before it made it out of the driveway. I'm sure you'll have a blast in the woods. Those bikes are a night and day difference where weight is concerned.
  14. Desert Dog Z400S

    Products you will never buy again?

    I second that.
  15. Desert Dog Z400S

    If you own a four stroke, please reply once

    1 2-stroke And 1 4-stroke
  16. Desert Dog Z400S

    Hardest Decision of my Life

    I don't much care to place post's in the forums so here's my 2 cents. I'm 27, and like DrKTMKid I have played hell on my joints. Nothing like you have already played on yours, mine just seem to always come out of socket. When I was a kid my parents and grandparents always told me that what I do now I'll pay for later. I'm not quitting anything I do, I have just changed a few things. I compete in the TSCEC (Texas State Enduro Championship) and love it! It is still competitive, people still get hurt doing it, but you're not on a closed circiut track with 15-20 other young testosterone driven throttle jockeys....although I must admit, it is alot of fun. I have never competed in a hare scramble but if I'm not mistaken they're quite similar to enduros. Besides all that, with youth on your side and a few enduro's\hare scrambles under your belt you should be a real badass in your class in no time. In the meantime, use this healing time to mentally prepare yourself for whatever it is you decide to do. I wish I would have listened to someone when they told me some of this stuff at 17. Good luck!
  17. Desert Dog Z400S

    Torn between 3 tires

    That is exactly my train of thought on tires.
  18. Desert Dog Z400S

    first thumper...rap it out or lug it?

    Lugging it is hard on bottom end while redline at all times is...well, sort of tough on top ends. Either way, top ends are easier to re-do than a bottom end. It just seems logical to make it sing!
  19. Desert Dog Z400S

    Different gearing for street/dirt but with same chain?

    I have ran 15/41 to 15/48 with stock 112 link chain. If I'm not mistaken, that's the largest range in rear sprocket you can operate while still using the 15 tooth front sprocket.
  20. Desert Dog Z400S

    Cleaning with Purple Power

    I vote against purple power. One of the chemicals, (sodium hydroxide, if I remember correctly) changes the tint of the aluminum and magnesium on your engine. It even put a tint on my rims. It is hard on your hands, eyes, and nose if you aren't careful. It will degrease but it isn't worth the price you pay...so to speak. I do what IamKazam does but with 100% simple green or a strong solution of water and Dawn dishwashing liquid. I learned the hard way to stay away from pressure washers as well.
  21. Desert Dog Z400S

    Best Chain O-Ring or not

    I prefer O-ring or x-ring chains simply because they tend to last longer. I ran one non o/x-ring and it didn't last for s*^$. BTW, you can tell a difference in power delivery between o-ring and x-ring. Xring feels better....slightly.
  22. Desert Dog Z400S

    favorite motor oil

    I ran royal purple for 10 oil changes and decided to try amsoil also. I can't tell any difference. I can only tell a diff. between conventional motor oil and synthetic.
  23. Desert Dog Z400S

    What's best turn signals for E - that won't break

    I finally gave up on replacing them....for a few reasons. It's a pain, costly over time, and we don't need them in the great state of Tx.
  24. Desert Dog Z400S

    Reccomended Suspension Company

    I love my Ohlins.
  25. Desert Dog Z400S

    DR650 vs 2008 KLR650

    I owned an older KLR for a couple years and didn't care for it much. Way too heavy, underpowered, just not my kind of bike. I rode the DR650 when trying to decide between a drz400 or dr650. I went with the drz but the dr650 was much nicer than the KLR. It really depends what you're looking for. The KLR is alot more street oriented.