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  1. ktmguy70

    1971 Honda sl70 Top end

    That is VERY helpful, thank you for the quick response!
  2. IM assuming most of these older 70cc motors arent much different from the new crop so I figured I could put this here? Hi, IM trying to get the top end off for piston and rings, It doesnt smoke, but Id like to freshen it up. How exactly does the camshaft come out? I have taken off the covers on both sides, I have the sprocket on the right side (looking towards the engine) So Im assuming after removing the sprocket bolts, the camshaft slides out the opposite direction? Im not real familiar with these smaller engines, but I assumme it has to come out for the top end to come off, as typical? Any Help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  3. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    O.k, I picked it up last Night and put about an hour on it before it got dark. Coming of a 300 xc to this thing is like riding a tank through the woods. with just the hour of riding I did, the only negative I could feel was the weight, and the suspension. I know I'll need to dial the suspension, put some stiffer springs up front. However, The motor is definitly fun! It pulls hard in every gear, and has a good midrange rush. Doesnt have quite the low ened I was expecting, but maybe some carb jetting will cure that, seems a tad lean off the bottom right now. Other than the suspension being on the soft side, It feels VERY good for a 7 year old bike, keeps the wheels on the ground over the roots and rocks pretty good, and handled a small 15 foot jump nicely. I really think that simply revalving the shock and the heavier springs up front and I'll leave it alone. Im starting to second guess as to whether this will be a spare bike for friends and Family or not, I might keep it for myself. The 300 Excels at race speeds through the woods, however I think this 400 is going to be great at anything below race speeds and might end up being my primary trail bike. Thanks for the info guys, you did me right.
  4. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    Well honestly, I hadnt bought it because I simply wasnt in the know about the bike. I've ridden for nearly 35 years now, and have been into KTM for the last several years. I just didnt follow the WR line much, and I dont ride with anyone who has one. I mentioned specifically Valve train because I wanted to know if it was Honda-esque and had a weak valvetrain that would need attention right away, etc.. I didnt want to spend money on something I was going to have to "fix" . But from this discussion, it seems like a VERY good deal!
  5. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    Nah, its not plated, and I probably wouldnt plate it either, unless maybe I could add a cush hub. He said he would sell it to me for 1900,it has about 300 miles total on it, and looks much like it did on the showroom floor in 2000 I expect, looks new. It's had the free mods done to it and thats it.
  6. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    Thanks again for the Info. How is the suspension setup in stock form. IM sorry for the questions, Heres the deal. My coworkers Brother owns this bike, He bought it new, and went on a trip out west with it in 01. Its been sitting ever since. It has been started on a monthly basis since then, and even had yearly fluid changes while it has sat. I have ridden it, But I have noe "terrain" to ride it on at his house, just a street with a culdesac. So, the power feels good for a 400, but I really cant tell anything else about the bike by simply riding it down the street. Suspension feels good, but I,ve not pressed the bike by any means. I outweigh him by about 30 pounds, so id have the suspension set for my weight at the least. I think I'll just go ahead and buy it. For the price, even If I did have to put some stiffer springs up front, and revalve, add a pipe, etc.. It's still going to be a fair deal I think.
  7. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    I myself prefer a harder hit, I grew up in the 70's where the powerband of a bike was defined by all or nothing..L That said, I also like the ability for someone to "put put" on the bike if the need arises, Maybe even my wife. Seems the valvetrain questions have all been answered. From the first couple of posts it seems like a good solid bike if bought in reasonable shape, is that the general consensus? Price is 1,900. 300 miles on bike
  8. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    Thanks for the response. How are the Valve adjustments? I guess thats one of my key questions. Valve adjustments, and Valve life.. Seems the valve life is a bit better on the 400 you say, That would be good for me! Seemed like a comfy trail bike to me, that could be pushed into race status kinda easily, which translates into a good spare bike to have around. again, thanks for the help!
  9. ktmguy70

    Tell me about the WR 400

    IM Looking at one of these, a 00 model. How dies it perform in stock form? Reliability issues? Stupid question, but whats the valve adjustment like, is it a shim design? I know little about the bike, but have a chabce to pick one up to have as an extra bike for friends and family at the house, very good price, any info would be good. Much appreciated!
  10. ktmguy70

    KLX 300 for my son.. Some questions.

    mmaxed, Im sorry, Im in NC, im not sure HOW I came to be from Montana..L Maybe I moved last night without me knowing it? At anyrate, Thanks for the Info Guys, You pretty much confirmed all my thoughts, Of course its better hearing it from actual owners. I have read that the Dynojet Kit, allows the cylinder to flood during WOT, thinning the Oil and causing damage over time. ( ihave read this about the KLX only, no other machines). Any truth to this? I run a Dynojet kit myself in several machines and have not had any issues.
  11. My 14 year old has outgrown his last bike, and it finally got passed down to his younger brother. I have researched, and looked at the KLX 300 for about 3 months now, and Im thinking of it as a Christmas present. A few Questions, if you could help me out please. 1. IS there any significant changes from 01 on up? I have read about the Valves tightening, which seems to be an issue with most smaller bore 4 strokes nowdays. Has this been addressed anywhere in the line up? 2. Longevity.. O.k we have 6 children, 4 of which are riding age and have their own bikes. With 6 Kids I cannot afford to go out and buy a new bike every other year, so this one will be in the stable for a good 7-8 years and passed down to his younger brothers and sisters as they come up in age. Whats the long term Outlook for the Bike? Anything that Jumps out at you as a reoccuring problem(other than the Valve issue and Kickstarter). 3. Hop up potential. Im not a Fan of the CV type carbs, They really seem to struggle on the low end. How much of a difference does a standard carb make on this machine. Also, How plugged up is it from the Factory? All of our kids started at the Age of 4, so he gets a little bored with STOCK... But I dont want to turn it into something that is tempermental either. I just want something for him to ride about 2-3 years, then I'll pass down My 450 EXC as I get a new one. Reports I have read have been favorable of the bike, and I really think the light weight will agree with him in the woods. He likes the looks even. O,h, One last thing.. I have noticed that the front brake line wraps around the front axle before running into the Caliper. It seems like this could be bad if the fork leg gets Jammed into rocks or roots, Is there a guard for this? I appreciate your time! Thanks again!