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  1. Lol there are plenty of places that I know of right in renton where people putt - putt around. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=renton+wa&ll=47.468478,-122.195177&spn=0.002829,0.004292&t=k what what who posted that....
  2. linuxgimp

    Where are you riding this weekend?

    Could I get a definition of Chickies? Not sure if that means beginner women or something. My wife is a beginner and it is hard finding other groups with girls riding. Just thought I would ask.
  3. linuxgimp

    Best suspension place in the Seattle area?

    I just got a call From Royce letting me know my Forks are done. The price was a bit higher than I suspected but I could be off in my pricing due to experience. Revalve: $180.00 Springs & Parts: $100.00 Total with tax like around $317.00 Sound right? I will ride it tomorrow and let everyone know what I think of the new suspenders.
  4. linuxgimp

    Best suspension place in the Seattle area?

    I just dropped of my Forks for a re-valving at Devol and had Royce do them. Seemed like a nice enought guy and knowledgable at least more than me. I did not see Yamaha62's post before I took them over there, and now I am rather curious. Why would you vote against Devol? Devol seems to have quite a bit of controversy in opinion. I am curious to say the least. None the less my forks are down at Devol, so I will let you guys know what happens with em. They are supposed to be back to me this coming friday. I'm gonna pick them up at the Wide Open track on Friday. Something is going on there and Devol will be there. Any who I'll post after my ride on Sat.
  5. linuxgimp

    "POLL" What is your favoite bike shop

    I would vote for Sunshine KTM in Renton
  6. linuxgimp

    Plates for your bike

    Ya ya ya.... I bought the bike and it came with that pipe on it. You know that NHK, so you best not be bustin my balls, or maybe I should prepare a special roost session for this SAT And as for it being so loud that you can't hear your bike.... Well that I can not deny, but sometimes not being able to hear you or your bike is a good thing, so there
  7. linuxgimp

    Plates for your bike

    The transaction to my knowledge was perfectly legal. I never lied and I even waited for the cashier to hand me the plate before vanishing, I did not even do the grab and run, which I must say, I was quite tempted to do. Further more my bike now complies with all state and federal laws for Hiway and Biway use. The fact that I could plate mine and others can't only shows the ridiculous nature of our state. Here the minimum wage employee behind the desk can pick and choose what hits the road. And this whole time we thought that our votes and legislation did. WAKE UP at anytime in this state the rules can change. And the way they change is not legal or just. It is Washington. Remember if you disagree with something, if you feel you are being violated, if you feel your freedom is being encroached upon, you should legally voice your concern, and you should do everything in your power to make the changes. I like your attitude though. Imagine if our founding fathers had that mentality. We would all be Brit's right now. Nothing against brit's, "God save the Queen and all", but I like freedom, and I don't mind stepping on toes to ensure my kids have a piece of it too. I will probably have to leave the state of washington to find some freedom because of all the socialist waco's, but hey at least as I ride away I will be legal.
  8. linuxgimp

    Plates for your bike

    Hmm Announcing my new Street Bike!!!
  9. linuxgimp

    Plates for your bike

    Ok so I just got back from the DOL with a Shiney New Plate for my 2004 KTM 450 EXC The title had in Big Red Letters: Offroad Competition Only Original State of Title: MO State of New Title: WA 2004 KTM 450 EXC (No blinkers, no mirrors, no DOT tires, no brake light, no nothing) So here is how this went down, I bring this up because it seemed to work for me. I went down to my DOL office and did some paperwork on another bike I own. I puposefully made it as hard as possible. Leaving key items at home so I would have to make several trips into the office. After 3 trips the lady knew me and got my old bike taken care of. 2 weeks later I showed up with my new title and bill of sale. I explained that I had no idea what I was doing and that I was scared that I have messed this up since it was out of state just like I messed up my last visits. She laughed and assured me that this one would be easier. I told her I appreciated her help and if anyone could help me there , it would be her. (Open flatery is ok in moderation) A few minutes later she had me finished but I had to go to the bank to get my money. When I returned to the office to cash out, I was sent to the manager who handles Cycle Paperwork. Before handing my plates to me she looked at the registration and asked me if the bike was a dirt bike. She saw KTM and instantly knew what was going on. I asked her to define what make something a dirt bike. She then laughed and asked me if it was ever plated before? I of course had to say NO. She then replied have you had it inspected by the WSP? I of course honestly answered NO. THen in exasperation I said .... I knew this was going to be more difficult. The lady laughed handed me my plates and told me to be safe out there. Then she said it was my responsibility to meet the safty requirements of the road set by the WSP, and not hers to enforce it. Whe she handed me those plates I swear I practiaclly vaporized. I mean POOF .... where did he go. But I got plates now.... and yes for all you guys that want to start a little spitting match, I promise I will get the minimum legal items on my bike prior to operation on a road. Just thought I would let you know how it went for me. I was freaked out after reading this whole post so I figured I would put some extra effort into my transaction. GOOD LUCK
  10. linuxgimp

    KTM LC4 620 Whats Wrong?

    I have a 1995 620 RXC. I have replaced the stock carb with a Mikuni BST 40 and it helped a ton. A few days ago I did a valve adjustment, and that helped a great deal also. I change plugs around every 3 oil changes, and they are not dead plugs, the bike just seems to react better with new plugs. I have a feeling that if I replace the ignition coil it might help out a bit. So that is my next venture. Unfortunatly the plug wires and cap look like they are part of the ignition coil. I will find out tonight. One other thing you should note. I have read all over the place that a very common problem with our bikes is loose or unsealed Connections between the manifold and the exahaust headers. This causes back firing, sputtering and you loose a good deal of back pressure on the enigine, the fix is sealing the pipes to your manifold. I went down to the Auto Store and picked up some 2000 degree rated High Temp Exhaust Sealant. Most people that use anything under 1200 degrees experience fast wearing and only temporary relief. I will post this weekend how my fixes turn out.
  11. Hehehe.... I certianly don't want those decals on my bike!!!! Plastics would be nice though... I will have to check them out.
  12. I have a 1995 620 RXC that I would like a different Seat and new plastics for. Any ideas on that. And I don't really want to pay $100s for a new seat.
  13. I have a 1995 LC4 620RXC that has a mikuni BST 40 Carb on it. The bike has been running like a champ, with the exceptional wait when it gets really hot. (Kickstart Only Model). There is only one thing that is just driving me crazy... Besides the kickstart only. When ever I go through a puddle and misjudge its depth, I get stuck of course and the bike floods out. Once the water is over the seat of the bike it dies, obviously due to the air intake under the seat. Then it will not start for hours. Keep in mind I get the bike out in a few seconds, but water does fill er up. I drain the airfilter box and it still will not start. Well its been 1 day since my last swim at Reiter Pit, and I still can not jump my bike. Its had new plugs checked the wiring & filter, and she still won't start. Any suggestions?
  14. I just got done installing mine. I plan to get it all tuned up tonight. Installation was a snap, or twist rather, and I look forward to higher elevations now!!!
  15. Evans Creek, Rieter Pit, and other local spots... Rode till I was like 17 and I am getting back into it now. I am located in Renton, WA. Let me know if you want to hit some trails up.