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  1. Have you seen my brother around? Last I heard he quit riding.
  2. F###er In Ladies Footware works too.
  3. LOL, I think I like mine better. FILFD = Fruit In Ladies Footware Dancing
  4. Fruit In Ladies Footware?
  5. OOPS!
  6. Do PM's pop up here when you receive one?
  7. See Kevin, I told you they were all so nice.
  8. I've been staring out the window all day waiting. I haven't seen any yet.
  9. I fixed the boys layouts: and here's one of the girls:
  10. LOL, it's because they all love you and are hoping I'll post some more pictures.
  11. I think he hid those, because I searched high-and-low and never did find them.
  12. They seem very nice Kev and are willing to pay me for my photographs ... so what seems to be the problem.
  13. I'm sure I'll be getting a pm from Kev here soon, paying me NOT to sell them to you. hmmmm .... sounds like a promising business venture.
  14. Big fun, my only regret is I can't find the pictures of the tricycle race.