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  1. motogod77

    For The Haters

    I work at a Honda dealership, but the bike was my personal bike. Before the thread was deleted there were 3 pages of - "anybody can plate an X for next to nothing", "the bike is only worth $3500", "a CA plate doesn't add any value", yada yada yada . . . As far as what's next - I would to have another one, and I will, I just have to actually wait until I can afford it this time instead of jumping on the first opportunity.
  2. motogod77

    For The Haters

    For all the TT haters, just wanted to let you know ~ http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=67533&cat=2 I sold it for $5000.00 Cash!
  3. motogod77

    2010 Honda Dual Sport

    I wish I didn't have too - believe me!
  4. motogod77

    2010 Honda Dual Sport

    Nada we're all hoping for 2012 as they are done with any models for 11' - I have my plated 450X for sale.
  5. motogod77

    Why the heck does my '05 not have a float bowl drain screw?

    Sure you can drain it - the large float bowl drain on the bottom of the bowl - 18mm I beleive. That is the way all the early MX carbs are and the early X's were the same way. Just turn your fuel off and lossen the drain bolt until the bowl is empty.