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  1. wr man

    crfx vs. wrf 250s

    have you done the gray wire mod, if so try rejetting i have an 04 wr and one of my friends has a 07 crfx 250 and i smoke him with no comparison
  2. ive own a wr for about 4yrs now and i love it ive had yz and hate them wr is more for trails which i ride, i'm never on the track i ride with guys with 450 yz and smoke them top speed it may take me a while but i'll catch up.
  3. i will take my wr over your yz any day
  4. in standard terms ive got mine to 84 mph .
  5. i own a wr it is the best bike i have over own, ive had about five different bikes if it is any help a wr comes with a warranty but the do not warranty yz at all i know people who have bought them thinking the did, and the will blow up in about 1 to 2 years ive got an 04 and love it.