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  1. razormovie

    New 2006 CRF450X prices

    you can expect to pay 8,000 at best. I payed 6,250 for my 05 model out the door for mine and I got it at cost for being an employee. I also uncrated and pre delivery inspected the bike myself. But you'll have to find a dealer with a sale of some sort. unless you don't mind settling for an 05 - only a couple extreemly minor differences exist between the two. - differences that even a pro wouldn't notice. - best of luck to you!
  2. razormovie

    2006 crf450x delivery date?

    I was made aware of the changes in the engine possition in the R model, but was told the X remains the same. I will check it out and get back to you. - Later
  3. razormovie

    2006 crf450x delivery date?

    I took a look at the page you are refering to and you are right there is a very minor diference between the two, but is it anything anyone would have ever noticed without seeing it down on spec. I doubt it. I mean the trail is .1'' shorter on the 05, but the wheel base is .1'' longer on the 05 so ?
  4. razormovie

    crf450x updates

    a high performance cam would really help make up some of the ground, after that the question is how much do you want it to be like the R model? Or is a better question for you how do you get the R model like the X?
  5. anyone else pissed off that honda hasn't offered the crf450x in a street legal version from the factory yet? too many states are making it too difficult to ride off road these days. Here in Washington state you can be fined for crossing a forest service road with your dirt bike! I am so annoyed. In past years washington would let you convert your dirt bike quick and simple, but these days it is extreamly difficult. If you have a title for a bike that says "for off road use only" on it then you're screwed!
  6. razormovie

    2006 crf450x delivery date?

    I work at Everett Powersports in Everett Washington, and we have got a few of the 06 model crf450x's in stock already. Though I am uncertain as to wether we will actually sell them yet or not? My sales department here may want to sell off the remaining 05 models first, so we don't end up with a surpluss of new old model bikes. I don't know if it means anything to you or not, but there wasn't any changes made to the crf450x for the new model year. However the crf450r model has had some changes. So you can get an 05 model for cheeper than an 06 (likely) and it will be the same bike. But anyway you may be running into the same thing where you are. Your dealer may have new 06 model bikes and they just aren't selling them to you yet?