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  1. MrKartoom

    new to me 430wr

    I never liked running carbs dry because that last moment of runtime is very lean. It's in nice looking shape. I had a 1980 250 OR and wish I had kept it. Watch those lower fork legs in the rocks!
  2. Both bikes are great, but do you want linkage or PDS? Another thing to consider is parts, or more specifically ordering them. I ended up with a TE300 but came darn close to going with a Sherco, mainly because of local dealer relationship and discount on parts. However, if other dealers are like mine they don't order husky-specific parts from the factory until they have a sufficient quantity for an order to make shipping costs worthwhile. The mother ship stocks KTM & Husky parts in the same warehouse in OH, but they ship them separately and charge separate shipping. It's stupid IMO, but that's how they do it, for now anyway. Took me weeks to get a part. I'd check with the dealer and find out their Husky parts ordering policy if you go white. When I had orange I never waited more than 2-3 days for anything.
  3. MrKartoom

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Recently picked up another 2T.
  4. Beautiful looking bikes. I'd go for one of these over the orange ones.
  5. I'm likin' me some 2 stroke right about now. My condolences on your loss.
  6. MrKartoom

    Cracked Rear Rim on my Beta

    Well I did the liquid metal job before I saw your post. I had a small round bit about 1/8" dia that I used to dig a little cavity along the length of the crack, then filled it with weld. I went deep enough to get a good bit of weld in, but not deep enough to go through. I was pretty careful not to go too deep, but didn't think about stop holes. Hopefully if this works it won't crack further. We'll see tomorrow if it holds pressure. Either way I'm looking for a replacement.
  7. MrKartoom

    Cracked Rear Rim on my Beta

    Thanks for all the replies and good info! 2ply, I was just recently looking at those photos you posted in another thread. I'm expecting to find the same thing if not worse inside mine. I like the idea of the JBWeld as a temp fix until I get a new rim, which based on everything I'm hearing here and elsewhere suggests is the way to go. Mr. Neutron, You mentioned the speed we ride these bikes, which got me thinking about the last time I went out. The tire was holding air fine until a couple weeks ago after I got back from a ride in which we hit a few trail sections at higher speeds. We hit some small square-edge stuff, but otherwise the sections were very smooth and nothing that evan approached slamming the wheel. Maybe that's all it needed in the condition it's in though. laser, I plan to go one day to the Rhode Island round next weekend. I'm guessing that would be a good place to ask around. I just got pricing from the dealer for an OEM wheel complete or for the parts to reuse my hub. Ouch on both! I'll check Jitsie, too. Wouldn't have thought of them.
  8. MrKartoom

    Cracked Rear Rim on my Beta

    Yeah it's blowing right out of there. Pump it up and 2-3 minutes later it's back down.
  9. MrKartoom

    Cracked Rear Rim on my Beta

    Found what looks to be a fatigue crack in the rear rim of my 03 Rev. Any suggestions on how to repair something like this? Have it welded, try and seal it with something, scrap it and get a new one?
  10. MrKartoom

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    Beautiful bike. Are those pink deflectors or is that just the light?
  11. MrKartoom

    Ossa enduro bike?

    That's an opinion and not a fact. Personally I wouldn't really care to own one of these, but I know a national caliber rider that does and he can blow the doors off most wannabes with their state of the art weapons in the woods on it. Present company included and failed miserably. My point is I seriously doubt his ride up front on that xr is anything but boring lol.I used to own a 71 Pioneer and I am excited about Ossa's comeback. I thought they were gone forever. I'd love to ride the new enduro and wish them all the best. Now if CZ, DKW, and Hodaka could just make a comeback I could revisit my youth in entirety!
  12. MrKartoom

    2012 Gas gas EC300

    I'm thinking $7k for a 2011 300 race is a good deal. I think they listed for like $8200 or $8400 and as mentioned come with the spares kit and more advanced suspension. A lot of folks like the taller 2012 with increased suspension travel and components, but no big discounts on those obviously. They've made some other improvements like brake pedal routing and consistency of fasteners, but then some new issues with ease of air filter removal, tank to plug working space, and under the fender seat bolt (ala KTM). There's a lot more obviously. Go to gasgasrider.org as hawaiidirtrider mentions. I'd hop on the leftover race for the price me thinks.
  13. MrKartoom

    Moto Connection in Vermont

    As another happy Moto Connection customer I'll chime in and confirm all the good stuff being said about Scott. All you have to do is talk to the guy to figure out he's in it for the love of the sport. He really helped me out when I bought my first trials bike and I had no issues driving 2x as far to get my GG EC from him instead of the closer dealer. He'll really work to take care of you.
  14. MrKartoom

    Gas Gas txt trials bike HELP!!!

    Several things I would do are:- start with fresh gas and plug - check for spark (you said you did that already, but if no spark I'd test the coil, wire, and magneto) - inspect the plug after trying to start (is it wet and fouled with gas or totally dry? smell gas in the plug hole?) - make sure the carb is indeed clean and jetted properly, and float height is set properly (all jets and orifices clear, especially the pilot circuit) - check for air leaks around the intake (nothing dry-rotted, cracked, etc.) - do a compression test - fix the fan Good luck
  15. MrKartoom

    Husaberg = exotic?

    I agree not anymore either. GasGas, Sherco, Beta, Scorpa, TM etc. are exotic.