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  1. gymrat

    is WD40 bad for oring chains??

    What I believe is that a o-ring chain is sealed by the o-rings thats why they are so well known by enduro riders that go through lots of rivers or ride on the beach. It will be hard to spin your rear wheel if the chain is cold, go for a ride & let the chain warm up and it will spin as freely as a normal chain. as for using wd40 its just to stop the rust after washing the bike down & no high pressure cleaners jet near the chain as then water will get into the o-rings
  2. gymrat

    Setup For trail riding and enduro

    Hey KingChett My Buds have told me to go one tooth down in the front and go two teeth up at the back. Here in Durban , Eshowe & at Paddock, I'm riding in very tight stuff as I'm never getting into 3RD gear. and with stock gearing its hard to get up some of the hill climbs which are rutted, full of rocks and deadly steep & I battle my off. I do my speed & Endurance training at this one MX track which has a Enduro track for us as-well. (Spring Field MX track) The only place were the stock gearing or speed can be used as there is no hill's to climb
  3. gymrat

    My girlie did good!

    Hi Everyone, I know this is your lady's domain but I just wish the lady's here in South Africa would love to go riding bikes as much as you all do. It unfair and we all try to get the women here to ride but they want nothing to do with it As for Becca I really take my hat of to her and she must keep it up as she has earned my respect as for all women that ride.
  4. gymrat

    Stalling During Enduro

    I set the idle up abit and sorted the stalling on out rides. as for backfiring mine also does it but Im running on 102 race gas with pro circuit ti-4 slip on
  5. gymrat


    Yip I also checked the cam chain but the noise is still there? were in SA are you from Kingchett ? im from Natal, Durbs
  6. gymrat


    Mine is also very loud, I checked my valves again and everything is ok as per the manual
  7. gymrat

    new owner of an '05 RMZ450

    My bike does it as well found that out one night when the house lights went out I go the most biggest fright at first then my friend told me its normal
  8. gymrat

    Checking Valves....

    I did my shims the other day, Im also new to the thumper world and loving it so far Just check what shim is in there because the manual gives you no size and you might order the wrong size