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  1. I have an 03 WR 450. Done all the free mods years ago. I got into dune riding lately. I found a good deal on a 19" rim, so I got it and put on a 8 paddle tire (instead of the 18" stock). Should it make a big difference, either postive or negative, in sustainable power when climbing big dunes by having a 19" wheel? My bike seems to lose power heading up big dunes quicker than my buddies who ride a YZ 450, KTM 525, KTM 450, and Honda 450. I guess that doesn't surprise me a lot. But, I borrowed a 18" rim and paddle the first time I went to the dunes, and it seems like I had more sustained power going up big dunes. Who knows--it could be just me. Would the 19" rim vs 18" rim make a noticeable difference?
  2. Waterman, I was out there Saturday 9 am to 1 pm ish. Couldn't do the bigger hills with gusto like I could with the 8 paddle that I had borrowed on my prior, and first, sand trip to Dumont, or I would have stayed longer. But, I'll be back for sure, and with a better paddle!
  3. Saturday was windy, and the sand was pretty firm, at least to me in my limited experience in the sand. I'll check out the kings, because I was all over the place with the Cheng Shin
  4. Thanks. Is there a noticeable difference between a 6 and 8 paddle? I went out yesterday with a 6 (vs an 8 that I borrowed previously), and I didn't near the hill climbing ability. It was also the wrong tire for the bike, I understand, being a 100/90 which is more suitable to a YZ 250. So, I'm trying to figure out if the number of paddles was the big difference or the other tire dimensions?
  5. Amargosa is 80 miles or so North of Vegas on Highway 95. Not regulated like Dumomt. No services. Was out there yesterday!
  6. I have an 03 WR 450, but an extra 19" real wheel from a YZ. What is the recommended rear paddle tire size and number of paddles?
  7. I love my WR, and my next bike will probably be another one in a couple years, but having to have a dealer or myself do work on it out of the box to get rid of the stuff that plugs em up just for California isn't a positive in my book. I'll put up with it because I prefer the WR, but that doesn't make it a good thang or something that should make Yamaha immune from criticism.
  8. Thanks for the info. I was expecting to pay more because it seems like the 03 WRs have hung in the $3k range, and this one would be 3 years newer.
  9. What's the range that one should expect to pay for an 06 WR 450 that hasn't been ridden a ton, wasn't beat on, had a few cosmetic little thangs that you would expect from use, but nothing major and runs great?
  10. I did the dremel tool thang the first time I tried to take those screws out back in 2004. Worked great. I've been too lazy to replace some of the screws that I dremeled, and just use a flat head screw driver ever since.
  11. It's gonna be state specific (Texas law) and most likely it will depend upon which side of the bed that person at DMV (or Texas' equivalent) that you speak to got out of that day.
  12. The woodruff key was it, as far as I know. Best scenario--2004 parts retrofitted after the fact. Probably OK scenario--woordruff key fix done. Is still stock, better be cautious and factor in a doing the cheap repair or getting peace of mind and spending couple bucks in repairs now before it breaks to get 2004 parts. Mine came from the dealer with the cheap fix brand new, and I have had no problems.
  13. I have a Keihin on my Yamaha WR 450, and I took a DO off my 01 TE 570 and replaced it with a Mikuni from the 04 TE 450. THe electrical connectors you refer to may be the TPS (throttle position sensor). I do not have it connected on my TE 570 because there was no wire for it--I assume it was added for the 02 TE 570. I believe that the leak jet lets gas leak back to the bowl from the big hit of gas the AP pump gives it. So, the smaller the number, the less gas leaks to the bowl, and the richer the mixture remains. You get to the jet by taking off the bowl, if I recall right. Yamaha WR guys run from zero (soldering it closed) to 60 on leak jets--I think 40 is the stock. As for jetting, I don't think my 03 WR 450 jetting info will help because of the differences in the bikes. But, if you are curious, go to the Yamage WR section and a stickied post there has a chart of different jetting recommendations for altitude, temperature, etc.
  14. Read about disconnecting the TPS and decide if you want to do that or try to get rid of it with jetting.
  15. I have the same bike--with a blown head. One of these days I have to get around to getting parts for it to fix it. My 01 TE 570 and 03 Yamaha WR 450F are keeping me busy enough for now!