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  1. shell be a harescrmble champ yet!
  2. now just think about some of the WORKS 500s back in the day when all of the pros were riden them
  3. anyone have a christini AWD post it here
  4. you know your whips are huge when people cant even tell wich direction your going when your in the air!
  5. id of like to seen how fast he was with two arms since hes faster than most people with just 1
  6. thats nuts!!!!!!
  7. i have seen that vintage scrub before they had a that guys signing posters of that at on the of the races im not sure wich but that is amazing for the year and technology of bikes back then
  8. it changes your trejectory so you are changing upward momentum into forward momentum so you can still clear the jump but stay much lower
  9. sweet bike man
  10. how much is a good photoshop program?
  11. I had one experience with my dad at and enduro last year we were on the same minute #5 and in the row in front of us was a 70 year old man on an old rm250 riding with his grandaughter. After we left that day my dad told me to expect him to be riding until hes in the ground
  12. stand up control the front tire with the clutch let the bike kind of move in between the rocks on its own but still keep a good grip on the bars
  13. haha at least he cleared it