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  1. AvgJoeRider

    Gave my 3-year old X a facelift

    Just bought my first 450x. After looking at yours, I am even more excited for the white plastics to get here along with the IMS 3.2...you have a beautiful bike thanks for sharing it with us!
  2. AvgJoeRider

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    The start of the 24 Hours of Starvation Ridge 2007. What a blast...and the DRZ did great! I was convinced that I need to get my suspension done if I'm going to keep racing it http://www.tripleateam.com/dirt/v/events/2007/24hrs/20D/IMG_2612.jpg.html
  3. AvgJoeRider

    2007 results....& other tidbits

    I bagged on Tony a little after the race calling them "a bunch of sandbaggers." My comment was in a joking manner, but with some of the comments posted here I felt I should speak up on their behalf. We (124D) were pitted across from "The Confused Trail Riders" and were keeping watches on their team and ours. Yeah they had one screamin' fast lap, but the rest were consistent and not far off ours...until dark. I believe that the extra money they spent on lighting paid off. We were running stock headlights, they weren't. Eric and I were talking after the race and felt lighting was one of our greatest disadvantages. My helmet's off to the Confused Trail Riders, they ran a great race and can be proud of their efforts! Brent
  4. AvgJoeRider

    Live from Starvation

    Looks like he started a wave early as well. 30AM started a wave after Open AM...
  5. AvgJoeRider

    Thanks for the Rimrock GP, Dust Dodgers

    Yeah, I had a feeling going into the fifth lap that I wasn't going to make it. That 7/10ths of a mile pushing nearly killed me and it did kill my finishing position (13th VetC). I think I was running pretty good up until I ran out of gas, all things considered (flat tire and no clutch). I should have made note of a few of the numbers that passed me right after I ran out of gas. I would like to know what position I was running in...Oh well, there's always next year
  6. I just wanted to thank the Dust Dodgers for setting up a great race! This was my second race ever and it was a absolute blast, despite losing my clutch in the second lap, a flat tire in the third lap and running out of gas .7 miles from the finish . I learned some good lessons (bike get's worse gas mileage on flat tire) and met lots of great people. Thanks again Dust Dodgers and everyone else who helped out with the course. :confused: It was cool to see two jeep clubs helping out and promoting our sport! Brent
  7. AvgJoeRider

    Youngest KLX 400 rider ever!

    Congratulations, she's a cutie. I love the bottom (of the page) picture...it looks like she's dreaming about ridin' the KLX again
  8. AvgJoeRider

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Brent Ephrata, WA
  9. AvgJoeRider

    24 hours of Starvation Ridge update

    I agree, but the roost pack/fanny pack sounds like the way to go! I lost the belt in 2005 after a stylish dismount (over the bars) and am still hearing about it
  10. AvgJoeRider

    where is everyone riding this weekend???

    Moses Lake sand dunes, or maybe Saddle Mtn???
  11. AvgJoeRider

    Yosh Ti questions

    Mine came with the TEC insert already installed and it's loud but not deafening...course my wife is always asking if I hear her so maybe it is deafening Regardless, it's one of the best purchases I've made for my Z so far. Happy riding
  12. AvgJoeRider

    Won't idle...

    Choke is working fine...I'll check it out though. Would decreasing my pilot lean it out at idle?
  13. AvgJoeRider

    Won't idle...

    The carb is clean...I think William may have nailed it...it does idle until warm. A few months ago I went went with the full Yosh Ti system and bumped my main up to 165 as suggested. That was one of several mods I've made so wasn't sure where to start and if I was rich or lean...thanks...I'll let you know the results after I drop the main down. Brent
  14. AvgJoeRider

    Won't idle...

    Hey all, hopin you might be able to steer me in the right direction. 02 kicker won't idle without hotstart pulled out. Runs great with the hotstart out??? Without it falls flat on its face even with idle turned all the way up. Is this a jetting issue, or ????. Thanks, Brent
  15. AvgJoeRider

    What was your favorite?

    My favorite was a 1976 Honda XR75 that my dad had given to him. It was in a couple cardboard boxes completely disassembled. My dad put it together for me and it was my first bike. It didn't have a clutch or a front brake, but it was perfect. I've been in love with motorcycles ever since! This one is in much better condition than mine was, but mine was "better" http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/442451/