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  1. craigMurray

    New York street motard

    Thanks my friends. What a pain is the a.. I am trying the "know someone routine" as we speak. I am not going to buy 2 bikes if I don't have to. we will see.
  2. craigMurray

    New York street motard

    I am buying a new bike for this purpose only. know I can make it Mx and motard back and forth with out to much trouble. Two sets of weels and front brake. I want to also be able to hook up the lights and hit the streets. Thanks for your input. Craig Murray
  3. craigMurray

    New York street motard

    Hell. New to this site. very cool. TO the point, anyone have some ideas on how to street a mx bike in NY. Would like to do rm 450 or maybe a KTM. I know I can get kits from Baja designs but what is the method to get it done in NY. THanks Ctraig Murray 04-gsxr600 street fighter 00-gsxr750 RM 450 super motard hopefully soon :