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  1. luckythedog

    Off Road Tire

    i also run a 952 rear and 756 front. love the 756 reat but i only got 3-4 good rides as well on my crf450r. 952 has 2 rides so far and really no sign of wear. next tire will be 120/90/19 952 from rocky moutain. will be my tire choice for a long time, best bang for the buck!
  2. luckythedog

    scotts damper low speed settings?

    do you happen to know what the factory high speed setting is? and i have heard their is dirrerent dampers for street and dirt, but i could find any info on that on the scotts website. my high speed was at 1 1/4 turns out from closed. i got it used and dont know if this was ever messed with. the most i could find was scotts said to set at 2 turns out and go in from thier. what are you guys runnig for off road settings? thanks
  3. just installed my scotts damper on my crf450 tonight and i dont have a book on it. i bought it used online for my zx10 and got a mount off ebay for my 450 to try. all works well. i was just wondering what some of you guy set your low speed settings at and do they actually make a differents to set them one way or the other? what exactly do they do? thanks in advance!
  4. luckythedog

    NEEDED: scotts dampner mounting bracket 05 450r

    thanks locoP! called bpr and talk to jim. he was awsome! he got me totally set up! they won my business! i would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. thanks again:ride:
  5. i have a scotts dampner that sits all winter on my zx10r and want to find a bracket (new or used) for my 05 450r with stock tripple clamps, please let me know if you have one or know of a good place on the net to buy just the mounting hardware (and if you can use it with the stock tripple clamps) thanks:ride:
  6. luckythedog

    Mikuni to Keihin

    i put a keihin from a 99' on my 01'. i got it used off of ebay for 60.00. the best money i EVER spent on my cr. i spent 60.00 on jets alone for my mikuni and NEVER had it perfect. i would get it close the night before, and then by the next day it was out of tune again. i put the 99' in stock and it runs PERFECT!! way more midrange. never had to touch it again! i would pay 500.00 for that carb nowing what i know now. you wont be sorry!
  7. just installed my totally stock 99 cr250 carb on my 01 cr250. it seems to be a little lean. i have a procircut pipe and fmf turbine core 2 exhuast. bike runs great, but it started to boil over when it sat idling for about 3 min.is this normal when its jetted right? it never did it with the other carb, but it was always to rich. this bike has never been jetted right becuase of the mukuni carb i have tried to jet since i got the bike 4 months ago. finally gave up and bought a 99 carb thats better for trail riding. it has the stock main 180 stock pilot and clip in 2nd pos. ran new plug around my field in the midrange on the bike and when i pulled it out it was a med. brown. any help would be app. thanks in advance
  8. thats got to say something! he may be the past, but his still crazy fast! it was cool to see him out in front again. bubba was very impressive, to go from dead last to 3rd. watch out RC, bubbas coming! cant wait till san fran. already have my tickets! good season ahead!
  9. luckythedog

    rear wheel HELP!

    i have a good friend that destroyed his rear hub yesterday trying to press out the bearings, he forgot to take out the snap ring. but im trying to find him a used back rim that will fit his buget. he has a 2000 380 mxe. i was just wondering what other back rim will fit? and if anyone here might have a used one they are willing to part with? im trying to find him one on ebay, i just dont know what all will fit. thanks in advance
  10. luckythedog

    Check This Out Awsome Picss

    HAHAHAH three more white suburbean teens beaten and malested by thier father! remember when it was cool to be a &%$#@!! i dont because it NEVER WAS!! these guys have serious abandenment issues!!
  11. luckythedog

    2006 Blew Up

    some of you guys need to take an anger management classes!
  12. luckythedog

    Buying CR250!!

    i have a 01 cr250, great bike. i trail ride it, no racing here. if you do get a 01 cr the first thing is buy a kielhn carboff a 99-00 the stock mikuni carb is WAY to finaky(ebay about 75-99 or new from service hand around 170). other than that the bike is great! i would highly recomend it!
  13. luckythedog

    Not seeing results fast enough?

    juice, gear, roids, lots and lots. be buff in a month! just kidding, keep at it and keep your diet tight and results come way faster. i lost over 100lbs i 10 months with strick diet and working out 6 days a week. its your mental additiude and motavation that keeps you going. set small goals and reward yourself when you meet them. give yourself a cheat day 2-3 times a month at first and then 1-2 days later on. so you dont feel traped, like you can never eat you favorite foods again. hope this helps.
  14. does any one on here have a complete, ready to go helmet cam set up they would like to sell? i dont want to try to piece one together off of ebay and end up buying all the wrong stuff i have been looking at just buying a new samsung sport x with the helmet cam already included. its a little spendy, so i just wanted to see if any one had a working system for sale before i shell out that much cash. thanks
  15. luckythedog

    dumb air screw question?

    thanks thats what i thought, but my buddy was telling me out was richer becuase it lets in more are and it picks up more fuel, made cents i guess. but now i know. thanks again