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  1. mxracer_6

    New MX Track in Lancaster

    I agree that it apears the drag strip might be closing or moving. The motocross track, however, isn't going away. It is moving down into the granite pit eventually, but they are not closing down.
  2. mxracer_6

    LACR or Starwest Tracks starting April

    Get your facts straight. The track is still open well after your doom message from March of 2005. Fact is the LACR MX track is not closing. They are moving into the granite pit as soon as they are allowed to by Granite. As for it being underwater; you were obviously looking in the wrong pit. The one that they now use as part of the track is fully high and dry even after it rains. The pit is slpoed to aid in this; so the water gathers at the far end. This is also to aid in the allowing the excavation to conitinue when it rains. If you want the official word go to the CRC LACR web site. http://www.lacrmx.com or http://www.crcmx.com
  3. mxracer_6

    New MX Track in Lancaster

    They are still open. They have no plans of shutting down the motocross track what so ever. I know the owners. You can also verify this at the CRC web site http://www.lacrmx.com