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  1. 450frider1015

    yfz450 vs raptor700r?

    thx guys.
  2. 450frider1015

    Yamaha yfz450 vs raptor700r?

    yfz450 vs raptor700r. im guessing the yfz450 would win in mx but get beat on dunes and top end??
  3. 450frider1015

    does anyone??

    AHAHAHAH that was funny stuff
  4. 450frider1015

    2005 Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo *big pics*

    All nice cars in all but id rather have a 69 fastback with a 303 winser blown with a shaker hood. :-) but thats wat i like. i like roar more than i like whining..
  5. 450frider1015

    Looking for an exhaust.

    try the Dr.D or HMF. or team alba
  6. 450frider1015

    Yamaha Drilling the Pipe?

    Well I have been reading around and have read some things about people Drilling the Pipes??? Has anyone done this and had it make a difference?? Thx
  7. 450frider1015

    trail game

    Ahhh. i finished it. and now i hate that game. but its kinda addicting. lol
  8. 450frider1015

    weird injuries

    yea im only 14 though. so 6 for me would like kill me
  9. 450frider1015

    weird injuries

    ice ice ice. keep it elevated to reduce the swelling and give it a good, tight, wrap but not too tight to cut off circulation. make sure u take about 3 ibuprofens before riding and bring some with u to
  10. 450frider1015

    will it beat a trx 450r???

    how many holes did u drill in ur pipe and how big?? and is that the stock pipe.
  11. 450frider1015

    will it beat a trx 450r???

    the kfx700 is pretty slow. it cant control its power very well. i just rode a preddy in mexico this weekend, piped, jetted, and runnin on 110 octane. and that thing pulled wheelies soo easy and i was beating 400ex starting 100 yards back on about a 400 yard straight. those preddys are fast and so are yfz's and i dont really like the look of the trx's but again its all rider, opininon and rider lol
  12. 450frider1015

    Got Jeeps?

    yea my dad is buildin a rock crawler right now out of a cj-5 with a cherokee inline 6.. dana60 high pinion rear, dana 40 front, 21 inches of travel, 4 link front and rear its gonna be sick ill post pics when its done
  13. 450frider1015

    Got Jeeps?

    that hurricane is bad ass are they goin through with makin it or wat? its got like 4 steer 2 engines and all that.
  14. 450frider1015

    Death to emo haircuts

    i hate emo people ther soo gay. they cut and all that shit. wear girl pants. long ass hair. half the kids in that vid had a piercing and/or tattoo i hate emo kids they should all be put in a field together or something get em outta here there f'in ga* fa*s
  15. 450frider1015


    haha u all are talkin about old gear. if u can ride u can ride i really dont think gear matters unless it gets in ur way. but nice pics anyways