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  1. treetagger

    Step up pix

    Lastlap, that jump is soo much fun. I like the Highway Jump at 3palms in houston.
  2. treetagger

    CrAziEsT rYthEM SEcTion EVER!!

    This is the crazyest rythem section ive seen. There is a total of 4 doubles in a row. This isnt me by the way.
  3. treetagger

    All white ktms

    yea man, just get them from the hard parts catalogue. Heres mine.
  4. treetagger

    corner shots

    Me My Brother.
  5. treetagger

    Practice vid(need some tips/pointers)

    As railer said, get some good quality riding gear. Good stuff will save you, especially if your gonna be trying to ride faster. If you feel safer you will ride faster and better than before. Other than that all i can say is keep up your momentum, especially on tha 125. Just keep practicing.
  6. treetagger

    Lets see some 2-Smokers

    my 06 250
  7. treetagger

    Lets see some powerslides!

    heres mine.
  8. treetagger

    Real dusty......Tips???

    You either have to be on the persons tail or trailing them a little ways. Use filter skins or bring another filter if your going to be riding alot. Keep a spare set of goggles so you can change them if dust sticks. Dont wear roll-offs, because dust will get behind them. Carry water with you because your mouth will become dryer than usual. and #1--stand up more than usual so you can see over the dust a little better, and if you hit something you can react to it quicker and it wont throw you off as easily. Hope this helps, have a good race.
  9. treetagger

    Yours or your favorite helmets

    Heres mine. I love it.
  10. Hey man thanks alot. It looks really good
  11. i hate to do this but can someone put these graphics one this bike. We are trying to decide on our team graphics and i like this design. Thanks in advance.