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    CR500 Vs. Street Bike

    I don't know what made me think of this magazine article all of the sudden but sure enough these are the results I remember reading. Weird. I also recall reading they did a sprocket change on the CR because it was not meant to go very fast but even with the highest gearing combo they could find it still would be topped out way before the end of the race, as another person mentioned earlier in the thread; and that they had put a street tire on the rear only, as another member also recalled. I also remember reading that they mentioned even at nearly triple digit speeds the knobby front tire felt surprisingly stable.
  2. Stew-2

    What would you do?

    It's disheartening reading how many posts say Divorce! or Walk away! Yes, this is a big deal, very big, but remember the vows you spoke two years ago. Marriage is not just a feel good thing and quit when the going gets rough. I would be sad if I made a mistake and my wife was getting advice like this. Get counseling, or some other type of help but most of all you need to talk to him honestly about how you are feeling. Stew.
  3. Stew-2

    XR250 Forks

    Ive actually wondered (maybe this has already been discussed) are CR85 forks up to the task in a 230? The reason this seems like such a simple conversion is they are both 37mm so presumably they would bolt right in to the existing triple clamps. It looks like the disc on the CR85 is smaller though.