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  1. motoman8652003

    Going Insane

    it,s winter here to and i just bought a brand new crf250 . i only got to ride it a couple of times so i feel your pain
  2. motoman8652003

    Is the Rodney track really closed?

    Yes it is closed i talked to the famer and his farm insurance will not cover him if there is a track on it . Also i heard a rumer that the few neighbors that live near there were getting sick of the noise.
  3. motoman8652003

    help with backflip !!!

    don,t do it we had someone in my area trying freestyle motocross. he was a pretty good racer and now he is dead trying a trick don,t do it!!!
  4. motoman8652003

    crf 450 help PLEASE!!!

    My buddy just bought a used 03 crf 450 it ran fine the first couple of days and now he has a problem. When he rides it it runs fine but when he comes into a corner gets off the gas and then back on it it bogs for a second and then comes on so strong that it just about wheelies out underneath him.We checked the valves all are ok but one ex valve is .002 out had the accelator pump apart can,t see nothing cleaned the carb made sure the tps sensor was plugged in checked for water in the gas . we are out of ideas this condition is very dangerous and needs to be fixed. could a valve problem cause this the local dealer thinks so. thanks
  5. i am woundering what type do you use in your thumper.i know that synthetic oil is the best to use but im finding that chageing oil every 5 hours in my crf250r is getting very expensive. i change the clutch oil at the same time to and the filter every 5 gallons of gas. i thought of changeing over to caster oils to cut down the cost but i don,t want to wear the motor out faster.