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  1. Does MX Riverside have a website, I did a google search and was unable to find them?
  2. Well I'm proud to say that I am a new 06 YZ450 owner. Went to a dealership last night and got a new 06 OTD for 5000 and got them to throw in a X-Ring chain. When I left it was storming bad and I was not able to ride it, I hope to get some seat time in today. I will be posting some pictures, and possibly changing my Thumper Talk name to some that dose not have my bikes model number in it. Anyway, thank you all for your advice.
  3. Going to go to a dealership tomorrow after work to see what they can do for me. I have my fingers crossed, but I'm not about to jump into anything. They have 3 blue and 2 white 07's there. Still not sure on which color to get. The white is nice, but you got to love that blue
  4. Toledo would be about 4 hours away from me, but if I dont have any luck closer to me I will give them a call.
  5. mxbuz, Since I live in Ohio if I was to go to o say Kentucky, I would not have to pay their tax? And it would be tax free?
  6. Gray, So would you say if I started my negotiation at $6200 OTD for an 07, would be a good why to start, or should I even go lower than that?
  7. Sorry, ThumperKid250F, where is the dealership you are talking about located, I could not find it on there website?
  8. Thank you to all of you how have replied to this topic. I’m going to take your advice and try to find a better deal. I live in West Chester Ohio, which is about 30 minutes north of Cincinnati, and I have talk to four dealer ship around me. If anyone else if from this area and knows of a good dealership I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know. Kxman, where is the dealership you are talking about located, I could not find it on there website?
  9. I am 19 years old and have been riding since I was 6, and since then I have always dreamed of buying a brand new dirt bike that would be mine from the beginning. I went down to the Yamaha dealer today and saw that they have a 06 YZ450 going for 6100 before taxes. They don’t have any 07's in, but said that they could get one for me, but it would run around 7100 before taxes. I know there have been a lot of changes done to the 07, but my question to everyone out there is this. Are all the changes made to the 07 worth another $1000? I have already checked with all the dealers around me and both of these prices are the cheapest. If you were faced with this decision what would you do?
  10. Right now I have an oversized tank. Because it was made for a YZ i have a YZ426 seat on it. Are the YZ 426 and YZ 450 seats different.
  11. Well this work? I have done a search but have not found anything about this working. Any help would be great.
  12. I have a 2002 WR426 with a oversized tank that the owner befor me put on. I already have YZ fenders and face plate but im looking for a YZ tank. Is there anyone that has one that they would want to sell or even trade tanks. Not sure on what brand my tank is but it is Blue and holds 3 gallon. PM me is you are interested.
  13. I live in Westchester, not very may places to ride, I make may trips to Big Rock in Maysville KY in the spring through fall.
  14. I just wanted advice on exhaust and those of you who had something to say about my question I thank you. For the rest of you, why don’t you work on reading the question and to see what it’s asking before you just post something to bump up your post count.
  15. OK, when I started this forum I did not intend to get anyone steamed up over the topic of sound level. When I say loud, I am not talking about anything over 105 db, I just want something that is not quieter than stock, uncorked. I am a 17 year old male, I think that most other males my age will agree with the "louder is better". This is something I will more likely grow out of. The only places I ride at is privately owned land. I am sure that I will have to deal with sound level sooner or later, but for now I want to enjoy my youth while I still have it and have my bike loud.