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  1. Dunner

    Michelin S-12 question

    How you guys liking the S-12? I have been thinking of switching to one for this time of year.
  2. Dunner

    Street vs. Dirt...?

    I totally agree about the tall gearing...my R1 before the gearing change did 100+ in first gear. Now only like 92. With riding sportbikes for the last 8 years and now starting to ride dirt bikes it is a little weird with having to shift so often. Both are so much fun...just in such a different way.
  3. Dunner

    New Husky STR 650 CRC...? Pics inside

    I like it...I hope we see in the states. I might just have to make this my street bike.
  4. Dunner

    Question about MOTOGP

    You are right...here is an excerpt from FIM in the rules. "Four stroke motorcycles participating in the Motogp class must be prototypes. Those that are not entered by a member of MSMA must be approved for participation by the Grand Prix Commission." Here is the link http://www.fim.ch/en/default.asp?item=26# I got the info in the Technical Regulations section.
  5. That looks like it hurts man. I love my tech 8's and I really like the booty. The 6's are good boots also. The 8's are a touch taller and have a longer shin plastic piece.
  6. Dunner

    Moto GP title outcome *spoiler*

    Rossi is a true class act and fun to watch. It is great for the sport that he is staying in Motogp next year.
  7. Dunner

    Moto GP title outcome *spoiler*

    I was pulling for Nicky this year I really wanted to see him win the championship...so congrats to Nicky, but Rossi is just plain and simple a better rider...good thing for Nicky it is not just based on rider ability but on team and machine too. For Rossi to be taken out in the first race and to get up and fight back into some points and he had Three DNF'S due to two engine failures and one with a front tire issue and he still only loses by five points...that is one amazing racer. Also love seeing Bayliss coming in and winning this race...awesome.
  8. Dunner

    waiting for a 2007?

    I know there at one of the dealers here in Oregon...I really like the white and silver.
  9. Dunner

    Mt. View Cancelled Today

    I will and I am hard to miss too...at 6'6".
  10. Dunner

    Mt. View Cancelled Today

    Blue yammi with no number...I was the slowest guy out there, (kind of hard to miss)...I think even my friends kid on the sx50 was faster . But I guess everyone has to start somewhere. I should have come by and said hi...I remember seeing your bike and wondering if it might be you. Jason
  11. Dunner

    Mt. View Cancelled Today

    Yeah it did suck driving all the way up from Salem...I was really looking forward to riding Mt. View too. We ended up going to Hindsight. Nice track but a little small for my experience level and riding a 450...I know I know quit being such a pansy and just jump. All in all it was fun and I can see myself going back there in the future.
  12. Dunner

    longview mx getting better

    Hey luke, How did your friend do and what did he think of the track from a beg. stand point?
  13. Dunner

    Is Longview going to be groomed on FRI?

    Ryan, it is awesome what you are doing with improving the track...I can't wait to come up and ride it.
  14. Dunner

    Salem Honda

    Yeah...the two sales guys are pretty nice but the owner is a prick. If you don't have to deal with him they are not to bad. I think the new sales manager Steve is trying to change things for the better...by being more customer service oriented. I have only met Steve a few times and I have visited with Wes the other sales guy from time to time but have not bought anything from them in over three years...I deal strictly with Power Yamaha now...GO BLUE!!!