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  1. DakotaDRZ

    1990 RM250 - FMF Fatty not fitting

    Yeah, it must be missing because there's no way to adjust it fore or aft right now. I'll check into it, thanks a lot.
  2. I recently bought a 1990 RM250. I confirmed it is a 90 by the VIN # stamped on the frame by the steering neck. The 10th digit is an L which means it's a 1990. I also confirmed this through my local Suzuki dealer. I bought a FMF Fatty pipe from Dennis Kirk and got it today and it's just not fitting. Where the fat part of the pipe bolts onto the frame it doesn't line up, about 1 inch off and the pipe is rubbing on the frame by the cylinder. It's possible it's a 1990 bike but a different motor. Any way to identify the motor? The tag attatched to the FMF pipe says it's for a 1990 RM250 or 1991 RMX250. Any thoughts or ideas? I already threw the old pipe out which sucks. I'm kinda stalled out until I figure this out. Thanks.
  3. DakotaDRZ

    Fuel-Oil Ratio for 1990 RM 250

    I haven't checked the piston and ring yet. I just bought it about 4 days ago. The bike is going to be my winter project. It needs fork seals and fresh oil, probably a carb rebuild kit, a new pipe or used one in decent condition, regrease everything, etc... I'll open up the top end and check it out when I get going on it. Thanks again for the help everyone.
  4. Just bought this bike recently and am wondering if it's 32 to 1 or not? Don't know for sure. Thanks for the help.
  5. just wondering what other carbs out there would work on a 88 cr250. Thanks.
  6. DakotaDRZ

    What shipping company have you used.

    Forward Air. No problems.
  7. DakotaDRZ

    Rear rim size question

    I've got an 03 CR250R and I am going to put black pro-wheel rims on it. I can get 2 different rear rim sizes and I'm not sure which one to go with. One is 18 inch and the other is 19. What would be the benefit of one size over the other? Thanks.
  8. DakotaDRZ

    PC Platnium or Works Pipe for 02 CR250?

    I've got the works pro circuit pipe and put it on in May of this year. It looks rusted and dirty, hard to keep looking good. Of course, I'm lazy and haven't kept on it like I should have. Works great though.
  9. Can't find any red number plate backgrounds for an 03 CR250R. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. DakotaDRZ

    2003 cr 250 mods tight woods

    I like the Pro Circuit works pipe but I honestly having only the stock pipe to compare it to. I've never run anything but this pro circuit pipe on it. The pipe, combined with my mid to upper porting makes the bike pull very hard and strong once you get the rpm's up. It all depends on your style of riding. I like to ride fairly fast and hammer on it up hills. There are pipes for low end and there are pipes for mid to upper, just depends what you want. The flywheel weight, in my opinion, is a big help at low rpm, the bike is extremely hard to stall and I think it's because of that added rotational mass of the flywheel.
  11. DakotaDRZ

    2003 cr 250 mods tight woods

    I had your exact same experience with a KTM thumper. Great motor, but bike felt heavy and hard to handle in woods. I've got a 03 CR250 and here's what I did to get it woods ready; V-force reeds, Pro-Circuit works pipe and spark arrestor/silencer, 12 oz flywheel weight, ported for mid to top end. Works great for me.
  12. This winter I tore down the top end on my CR250 and replaced the piston, put on V-force reeds, had the cylinder ported by Madman Engineering, and put on a pro circuit works pipe. I couldn't be happier with the results. I had it ported for mid to top end. The bike really rips right where the guy ported it - mid and top. It's not a dog on the bottom by any means but once you get the rpm rolling it pulls and keeps pulling. Very happy with the new additions. I would use Madman Engineering again, they did a fine job.
  13. DakotaDRZ

    cr250 woods riding

    I've owned a DRZ400, a CR500, a KTM 500, a KTM450 and a KTM300EXC and I honestly have to say my 03 CR250 is the most fun to ride in the woods and fire roads than any of my previous bikes. I wouldn't have ever thought it would be but it is. It's light, handles flawlessy and never gives me any grief. Here are my woods mods; Steahly flywheel weight, Pro Circuit works pipe, pro circuit spark arrestor/silencer, ported for top end, works connection skid plate, bark busters, clark tank, V-force reeds. It's a great bike once it's set up for your style of riding.
  14. DakotaDRZ

    CR250R: which pipe and reeds

    Just out of curiosity I tried to find doma pipes on the net to see how much they cost and I couldn't find anyone who carries them. Where are you guys buying them at?
  15. DakotaDRZ

    CR250R: which pipe and reeds

    I've got an 03 and I have the V-force reeds and pro circuit works pipe. They have been great so far. Noticeable perfromance increase.