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  1. You shouldn't have to remove anything at all. Just use a hammer and large flat screwdriver to loosen the top lock nut. Then spin the spring with your hand, to the right if you need less sag, or to the left if you need more. Then just tighten the lock nut and your good to go.
  2. camaro345

    WR450 mods only...what are you running?

    03 WR450 YZ450F pipe with PMB sparky throttle stop removed airbox baffle removed grey wire removed electric start and battery removed JD Jet Kit Red needle 5th changed main jet to 165 zip ty screw Factory Effex Evo 4 graphics pro taper CR mid bars Unabiker Rad guards Flatland Skidplate FCR Suspension Moose Handguards Twin-Air Filter Works Connection Frame guards Works Connection Timing plugs, oil fill plug, front and rear brake res. covers. Factory Pro Clutch Cover Primary Drive Sprockets and X-ring chain TM Design Works Chain slider Dunlop 952 tires Trail Tech Vapor altitude:4000 ft
  3. camaro345

    YZ125 Radiators

    Does anyone know if the radiators off a 2001 YZ250 are the same as a 2000 YZ125??
  4. camaro345

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Installed new pro taper contour bars (CR Mid), grips, new factory effex Evo 4 graphics on new acerbis shrouds, FCR suspension revalve.
  5. camaro345

    Did i get riped off?

    I get mine checked and/or adjusted for $60. They charge $60 if they need adjusted or not.
  6. I'm looking for a stock 03-05 YZ250F muffler, preferably with a PMB Spark arrestor end cap, does anyone have one that they would like to sell, or know of anyone that does??
  7. camaro345

    Monthly Poll: Riding Experience

    I'm only 20 but have been riding since I was 5 years old. Started on a PW80, I'm currently riding a 2003 WR450F.
  8. camaro345

    what is the average age of the wr owner

    I'm 19 and have had my 2003 WR450F for over a year, so I was 18 when I got it. Been riding since I was 5.
  9. camaro345

    Help, I think I just blew my motor

    Almost the same thing happened to me because the engine was overfilled with oil on an xr600. If you check the oil and the bike hasnt been running right before, the dipstick will give you an inaccurate reading and show to add oil. So run the eninge before checking the oil to get an accurate reading.
  10. Does anyone have a 03-05 YZ250f stock exhaust (just muffler) with a pmb spark arresstor that they would want to sell?? If so please email me at ericgangestad@hotmail.com
  11. camaro345

    Best Graphics kit??

    Theres a few companies that make a decal kit to look like factory. Factory effex is the first that comes to mind. Theres also some factory looking kits at dennis kirk. Much cheaper, $50-$75 range for entire kit compared to factory oem.
  12. camaro345

    test rode a wr today

    A totally stock WR450F is like a XR100. Ride a YZ or a Wr that has had the free mods done and then tell us what you think. Its not even close to the same bike. Fourth gear wheelies become very easy.
  13. Has anyone used this new oil yet?? If so how do you like it? Also what viscosity would be better 10w40 or 20w50?? The bike is always in a heated garage so it never gets real cold for starting.
  14. camaro345

    Rear Tires

    I found a really good deal on some new dunlop 952's. There are two sizes, 120-90-18 and 110-90-18. I was wondering which one i should go with. I ride some motocross tracks, gravel, single track, harescrambles, etc. Any advice on pro's and con's of each width would be great. Also, does anyone know for sure that the 120-90-18 will clear everything (swingarm, etc)??
  15. camaro345

    YZ250F light?

    It is possible to add lights to a YZ250F but that requires a different stator, and the addition of lights. If you are going to use it mainly for trail riding and some road use I would recommend the WR because it has a wide ratio tranny, lights, suspension tuned for the trails, electric start, larger gas tank, and comes stock with a spark arrestor. All of these things mean more weight but I think its worth it for trail use. The YZ is mainly for racing, but can be made into a trail machine with some work and money.