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  1. AdrianC

    Xr250L Carb Mod That Really Works

    Ferd, please tell us what the mod is. I recently bought a '92 and it has that hesitation off idle. I checked, adjusted and cleaned everything I could think of. It idles fine, starts second kick from cold, runs well, but isn't as responsive as I remember my old '86 XL250 being. Thanks, A.
  2. AdrianC

    250L Range

    Thanks guys. rsca_crx, do you remember, was it 70 miles to reseve or 70 miles total. I just got the instructions for the ride, and I need to go 95 miles. I'm hoping the stock tank plus a half gallon carried on the back will do it. Any thoughts? Tx, A.
  3. AdrianC

    250L Range

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a used and abused 92 250L and have been slowly bringing it back to life - thanks for all the information I gleaned by searching these boards. There is one question I cannot find an answer to - what range might I expect out of a stock 250L tank? It's all stock jetting, pipe, etc. I went down one tooth on the front sprocket. I've entered the LA-Barstow-Las Vegas dual sport ride over Thanksgiving, and I'm a bit worried about not having enough range. The going will be mountain trails and desert, 30-50mph. TIA, Adrian.