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  1. cmcr_racer96

    bent rim

    the lip on my front rim on my x2 is bent away from the tire is there any way i could straighten it?
  2. cmcr_racer96

    fuel leaking

    when i turn the engine off on my x2 fuel leaks out of one of the breather hoses but when i turn the petcock off it stops how can i fix that
  3. cmcr_racer96


    could you photoshop the black fenders on an 06?
  4. cmcr_racer96

    engine work in alberta

    has any one ever had any experience with them working on engines ?
  5. cmcr_racer96

    engine work in alberta

    are there any places in alberta that i could get my engine bored out at?
  6. cmcr_racer96

    cold weather run?

    i was looking into studing the tires on my sx125 and running it around my house on the ice and was just wondering if the cold weather would wreck anything on my bike or if it would be too hard on my engine
  7. cmcr_racer96

    Honda too short?

    i was installing a set of renthal fat bars on my 06 trx450 using the trail tech top clamp and i got it all sorted out exept for theres only one hole to put the temp light and the neutral light and the brake line is too short what do i do?
  8. cmcr_racer96

    any one have a 06 125sx?

    i have an 06 sx125 it handles pretty good and the power is amazing
  9. cmcr_racer96

    Post pics of your KTMs

    heres my 06 sx125
  10. cmcr_racer96

    Honda twist throtle

    im trying to install my new vortex twist throtle but on the stock throtle there are these two liltle elictrical wires and there isnt any where to put them on the twist throtle
  11. what do you mean ktm isnt there yet?
  12. cmcr_racer96

    Few Pics

    im prety sure thats a 125 yeah i second the simple green spray the engin down with it too
  13. cmcr_racer96

    Great Video of James Stewert Age 13 Wow!

    i wish i had his talent at age thirteen , now.
  14. cmcr_racer96

    is it possible?

    well that link just answerd my question thank you very much
  15. i have a 2003 ford f350 not a dualy and was looking into buying a crossroads cross terrain toy hauler model tf38ts and the hitch weight is 2645 pounds i was just wondering if my truck would be capable of hauling the trailer without putting too much strain on it