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  1. Tweyman

    making a stock 50 faster

    I might try playing with the gear and taking it to the track to practice before the race to see what gearing on a tight track turns the fastest times. Will let you know. I dont know enough about engines to find out why its faster, I like the idea of the hand by the exhaust. Since my son is a better rider he always lines his kid up next to him on the gates so that will be easy to reach over and feel his exhaust. The race is Dec 16 will keep everyone in the loop, its the finals of a 12 month series. will look into the timing advance and choke
  2. Tweyman

    Is it worth it??

    I have a modded 50 and a new toy, the KLX 110. It is a pit bike with a little bigger frame that fits someone over 6 ft alittle better. Both are fun, I guess I needed more small bike fun. My yz250 has been sitting since the 110.
  3. Tweyman

    Timing Advance Mod

    when I went to the powernow it did not show a model number for a CRF 50? the lowest was a 85. Which one do you order
  4. Tweyman

    making a stock 50 faster

    what would a 13-38 gearing do? He is running 14-38 right now
  5. My 7 year old is racing now and he wants his name and number on his chest protector, where is the best place to get this done?
  6. Tweyman

    making a stock 50 faster

    on a tight course would you run a 13-38?
  7. Tweyman

    making a stock 50 faster

    What about Kitaco POWER CDI REV BOOSTER. Is this something that will help? How much Carb work will need to be done
  8. Tweyman

    making a stock 50 faster

    what about the CDI. Stock
  9. Tweyman

    making a stock 50 faster

    no I dont know if he is cheating. Does changing the wheels to lighter aluminum make a difference? I know they are 1 lb lighter. I will look at the carb and see what I can do
  10. My 7 year old races his CRF 50 in the stock class. He is getting beat by a bike that has been modified with a 12" front wheel, new front shocks, and 10" rear. The Dad said he did not modify the engine (just tuned it good). This bike is noticably faster) could this added 12" wheel make it that much faster? I have stock wheels, should I lighten up the wheels with some aluminum wheels? So far I have a uni filter, BBR pipe, Works rear shock. I have not changed the front shocks. Have not done much with the carb. Any ideas to get a little more speed. My son is out riding the other kid but is frustrated when he gets passed in the straights. He is on a King cobra in the other class but wants to beat this rider. Any help?
  11. how about carb adjusting now? New Pipe and Uni? How do you adjust the carb?
  12. Tweyman

    KLX 110 suspension changes

    how do you get the top cap off to add the oil? I pulled off the rubber seal but I can't seem to get the metal plate out, any advise? Once I get the metal disc plate out do I just pour the oil in?
  13. Tweyman

    KLX 110 suspension changes

    how much for the BBR forks and rods? i have been to planetminis great site
  14. Tweyman

    KLX 110 suspension changes

    do you run 30cc each shock or 15cc eachfor a total of 30cc? cheaper than new forks