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  1. SMarquez

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement

    I got to where I only used the heavy duty stuff a half hour before PT and then lots of ice after. Tylenol and motrin kept it in check after a while.
  2. SMarquez

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement

    They don't call them physical terrorists for nothing. Some don't feel like they've done their jobs until they see tears.
  3. SMarquez

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement

    I would say don't rush it. I feel like I had some good mojo during my recovery. My PT was really pleased with my progress. He kept saying I was ahead of the game. I have a friend that had hers done and doesn't really remember the first 2 weeks after recovery from the pain and meds, after that she was able to hit her PT hard. I had a co-worker that got both knees done a year apart. The first one was a piece of cake, golfing in 6 weeks, couldn't wait to get the other one done. The other knee was pure hell, had him hating life for 6 months and slogging through PT. Hang in there, everybody's story and recovery will be different. Keep in mind, most doctors and other medical professionals have a negative knee jerk reaction to dirt bikes and racing.
  4. SMarquez

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement

    I don't know much but it seems like the tourniquet caused as much discomfort as the surgery. Mine was like the charlie horse from hell and that I was fighting that mostly through rehab. If you had prior knee like ACLs that can make recovery harder. This is from 3 people I know that had worse knees than mine. My PT was great at knowing how far and how to push me. The manipulation was the most painful. My PT was 5'4", 140 lbs and made my palms sweat just walking up to me on the table. I'm 6'1" 260. I would laugh about it with other people at PT.
  5. SMarquez

    Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement

    Going ok now, left knee still hurts a bit and pops a lot, my thighs still hurt a bit. Healing for me will take awhile because of my autoimmune disease. Walking around is great, stairs are still slow, riding going good. About 3 months after a lot of the pain was gone, just the lingering pain in the thighs will stay for awhile especially at night, night time was always really bad for me. When your scar is white, it should be healed. For riding, knee braces are a must!!! What's messed up is that I'll have to do it again in 15-20 years, first set was done at 44. I went riding today. No issues aside from being slow. Stairs are still a mild issue but not a big hindrance.
  6. Until they don't. My wifes '12 Buick Regal needed a water pump, my 2000 F250 is at 195,000 with the original water pump. Fuel pumps are good so far. For the most part a water pump will give some warning when it is going out by showing as a leak. A fuel pump may give some warning or just quit all at once. Water pumps are usually not a wear item bit are replaced on import cars with internal pumps when replacing timing belts.
  7. SMarquez

    Bottom end problem?

    Can you tell if the shift shaft is bent? That could be your problem. That's what I would go after first.
  8. Not at all. I kind of like a rat rod look for my vintage bike. My YZ465 is mechanically perfect with good wheels and Race Tech suspension. It looks like hell but goes like hell.
  9. SMarquez

    Bottom end problem?

    You should be able to get the shift shaft out without removing the engine from the frame. I had a shaft bent so bad I couldn't get it out. I cut it off nearly flush with the case and it came out. You may want to replace your rubber grommets and ignition cover gasket. Do you use a pressure washer on your bike? You could be blasting water into there. They can also condense when they are hot and hit water on the trail. I used to occasionally pull the cover and spray some WD40 in there to disperse any moisture in there.
  10. SMarquez

    Bottom end problem?

    I've seen a few things wrong when a shift shaft gets bent and sometimes just the seal and a bent shaft. How did all that rust get in the ignition?
  11. SMarquez

    Bottom end problem?

    If you bent your shift shaft you might be stuck in gear. How did the shifter go though your case? Is there another thread on this?
  12. Try a rear sprocket with 2 less teeth. It will give you more top end and slow down your bottom end hit some.
  13. SMarquez

    Is this normal? Bad fuel pump?

    How was the bike running before you did the mods?
  14. SMarquez

    Where to get good socks?

    I wore these for a long time under knee guards but when I went to knee braces I went to thigh high socks from EVS. The bass Pro socks are thick all over, the EVS are like padded socks with the legging part being real thin. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/redhead-wader-socks-for-men
  15. It is not. It is a sound deadener. It is supposed to make the Husky power delivery smoother than the KTM. You can try punching it out but on my 450 I put an exhaust on it. It made a big difference.