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  1. jayfox911

    Winter Riding at NC Motorsports Park

    Anyone have a helmet cam from NCMP or crystal coast? we will be driving down from PA to ride 20-21. Thanks!
  2. Can someone help me out with remapping my bike? I want to try out the advanced setting. I can mail it to you or meet up at a track in SoCal area. I live in san diego area. Thanks, Jason
  3. jayfox911

    2010 Yz450f

    that is funny, i think the 250Fs look good. i was tired of catching my boot on the shrouds with the 08 YZ450.
  4. jayfox911

    2010 Yz450f

    YES, but if they take to long i will just get a left over other brand. I had a 08 YZF but was not a huge fan. might just go KXF because they are awesome out of the box and only get better with mods. I dont want to get an 09 YZ because it will be hard to sell because of the changes in 2010, just not sure if the 2010 YZF will be worth spending the extra 4k for it vs getting a 09
  5. jayfox911

    2010 Yz450f

    come on there has to be a picture of the 450F now. how about one of these photoshop guys take the new 250f and make it look like the 450F.
  6. jayfox911

    2010 Yz450f

    When is the dealer show? i want to see real pictures!
  7. jayfox911

    09 RMZ450 what are the issues?

    thinking of getting a 2009 RMZ450? what should i look out for or upgrades to get?
  8. jayfox911

    spy photo 2010 yzf 450

    the rocker arm design is what honda has, i believe. not the single cam alone. two cam style bikes the valve last alot longer not sure if that is honda parts or to blame on the uni cam design.
  9. jayfox911

    spy photo 2010 yzf 450

    in the pic the valve cover has spots for two cams. i think honda still has rights over the uni cam design
  10. jayfox911

    Another leaky coolant thread...

    I had the o ring go bad on the y pipe going to the water pump area. so yeah replace the $2 oring and you should be good. i waited to long and it started to drain out after about 2 rides of weeping. the oring split in to two under the pressure.
  11. jayfox911

    EVS RC, First ride.

    I rode with one last weekend and hated it. PM me if you want it $150
  12. plated 2005 crf250x call Honda to get a letter with the emissions status. that letter says the bike meets CARB standards and is a 50 state bike.
  13. jayfox911

    CRF250X Emissions sticker CARB

    I have tried that you can not order reference number 1 or 2. they do not have part numbers! that is my problem there are 5 reference numbers on the part finder image but only part number to order for 3,4,and 5.
  14. jayfox911

    CRF250X Emissions sticker CARB

    Can someone please type in what the emissions sticker says for there 2005 crf250x or any year honda crf-x. Thank You
  15. jayfox911

    CRF250X Emissions sticker CARB

    I need a rear fender that has the California CARB emissions sticker on it. Also if anyone has a picture of their rear fender that would be great to have. if anyone has one i would like to buy it ASAP. did anyone have there crf250x or crf450x converted to street legal lately. I am going to try it in San Diego. If you have any pointers that you think i can use to my advantage or a friendly CHP or DMV that con sign the paper work for me. thanks Jason M